More Than Just Code podcast - iOS and Swift development, news and advice




5 stars

by: Spiffers74

Funny, educational, just perfect. Keep it coming guys!

One of the Good Ones

5 stars

by: JeremiahJ

I have been listening to this podcast for some time and I really enjoy it. The hosts are honest and hold nothing back when it comes to their opinions. A the name suggests, they talk about more then just code but in a good way. It is highly entertaining and interesting. Even the guests hosts are good. What are you waiting for, download the podcast.

Great podcast…

5 stars

by: Dannbeau

Great content, great discussions and very relevant topics.

An insightful and entertaining podcast

5 stars

by: Paul

All the hosts have excellent points of view and discuss interesting topics.
If you listen to TWIT, this podcast should be next on your play list.
I highly recommend mtjc
Paul – The App Guy Podcast

Awesome podcast!

5 stars

by: jdeimund

Just the right mix of dev talk, news, and new products – highly recommend to any iOS dev.

a gem of a podcast

5 stars

by: drb66

I stumbled on this podcast whilst looking for supporting material whilst learning Swift. Like any podcast you have to listen to a couple to get the vibe of the presenters and understand their style. The ideal audience is like minded iOS Devs and hobbyists ( like me) that enjoy listening to banter of what is happening today in iOS. I team this up with the Ray Wendelich podcast which also a good listen.

Best of the Best

5 stars

by: RobertPetras

Entertaining and informative. If you are an iOS developer this show is a must have for you.

Very interesting

5 stars

by: edward trunk

This is just what I’ve been looking for. It’s like being in a room with a small group of iOS and Mac developers. You get a feel for what’s going on in the real world. I’ve developed software for many years on other platforms, and I’ve been learning Swift. This answers many of my questions general questions.


5 stars

by: Yugo198


Good Stuff!

5 stars

by: JeremiahJ

This podcast is very entertaining and informative at the same time. The hosts talk about indie development, Apple hardware, Apple software, and the state of development on Apple platforms. If you’re looking for a podcast on iOS development, then look no further.

More than just good!

5 stars

by:  joltguy

Since I discovered this podcast it has quickly become one that I absolutely listen to every week. MTJC consistently features lively conversation about timely Apple development topics with a group of friendly and knowledgeable developers. In addition to all the great insights you’ll likely discover some useful links as the guys run through their “picks” each week.

Interesting perspectives, good start

4 stars

by: markaeaton

Tim Mitra, fellow Cdn, and his MTJC co-hosts bring some fresh perspectives and opinions to the developer podcast space.
I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks, and will keep this one subscribed in my podcatcher of choice.

The best

5 stars

by: RobP7167

I listen to all of the iOS development podcasts and this is the best in my opinion. They release very consistently. Entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work!

One of my favorite shows about indie mac developer

5 stars


This is without a doubt one of the best podcasts for indie developers out there. So many great and relevant discussions and to me perfect length so they get in depth with things. All the hosts are smart and knowledgeable people which makes it a true gem.


5 stars

by: gderwent

A very enjoyable podcast about the trials and tribulations of developing iOS apps (with a bit of Mac and web dev stuff too). I’ve been listening to this for a few months. The target audience is probably the hosts peers, ie other professional iOS developers, but as a primarily hobby programmer who is just learning Swift coding I find it very interesting. My work role also involves recommendation of iOS apps in the health field, so a better understanding of the issues faced by professional developers is useful. The hosts, some regular and some occasional, are engaging and amusing as well as clearly very knowledgeable and opinionated. As with many podcasts it is better once you have listened to a few and begun to understand some of the regular banter, jokes and references. Hosts are a mix of Canadian and American. I’m UK based but the international nature of iOS means that most of the topics discussed are relevant worldwide and the occasional cross border rivalry and fun-poking are amusing. I listen to a lot of podcasts on a variety of topics and at the moment this is my overall favourite, the one I look forward to most all week and download on the day it comes out. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work guys.

Highly Relevant for iOS Developers. And it’s Awesome.

5 stars

by: Sohail Ahmed

I stumbled across this last week, and I’m finding that even the topical back episodes are incredibly insightful. The audio quality is superb, the hosts are intelligent and the conversation feels like the incredible value you get from being at a developer conference and having those “hallway conversations”.
This is the “every [wo]man’s” podcast. The hosts may not be developer celebrities (yet), and so the challenges, topical issues and insights they cover reflect those things most relevant to everyday iOS developers.
Don’t get me wrong; I love getting my dose of celebrity-tech-podcasts, but I find that those have less actionable value to me as a developer, and fit more in the relaxing/geek culture/entertainment category. Pair this podcast with “Release Notes” and “Startups for the Rest of Us” and you’ve got your bases covered.
MTJC is an addictively relevant and insightful podcast for mobile developers, while at the same time being just plain fun to listen to.
A job well done guys!

Hooked after one episode

5 stars

by: ChenR2

Stumbled upon this while looking for podcasts on WWDC 2015 to listen to while jogging. Really insightful discussions on issues that iOS developers face. A must-listen for people like me who are jumping onto Swift, the new hotness.

Misses its potential

2 stars

by: Billionsoo

I tried following this podcast. It has merit to it, but it seriously lacks maturity and is rife with petty inside jokes (e.g. what’s with the dr. Rubin bashing?).
Host Tim Mitra barely knows anything on any subject, has no real opinion on any subject and cannot go beyond anecdotes. Aaron Vegh talks too much, like John Siracusa, but lacks John’s incredible insight.
On this show, I have heard Tim say “ka-ching!” with relation to a git repo that fit the needs of something a client had asked of him. Mindblowing. Furthermore, both Tim and Aaron constantly have to remind everybody how they do not have a CS degree like Jaime Lopez, but that they are equally qualified to be programmers (NOT software engineers, though, because let’s face it; an engineer needs to have a university degree, according to Aaron!). In this field, yes, degrees do not really matter and we, the audience, are aware of this. Constant reminders of this are indicators of an unnecessary insecurity.
And finally, from what I gather, Mark Rubin must have claimed to be buddies with Tim Cook. I know this because it is brought up (literally!!!) almost every episode! If the others believe that they should be making fun of Mark Rubin for making such a claim, please keep it off the air. Obviously Mark is less confident at the microphone than the talkative-never-shut-up Aaron Vegh. But it is Tim Mitra’s responsibility to make sure that Mark (who holds a PhD from MIT) also gets to make some insightful comments instead of being made the fool of every inside joke this clique has. The very few times Mark did have the opportunity to offer an opinion, he displayed his ability to go against the grain and draw from his own experiences to come to string opinions, unlike Tim Mitra’s fuzzy and undefined anecdotes.
Unless you solve these issues and start treating your podcast more professionally, you will never draw proper sponsors and you will be stuck asking people for donations. (“ka-ching”, Tim!).
I had great hopes for this underdog. But unless they grow up and start taking things seriously, I cannot continue listening. Today’s episode (“37 Aaron’s Apple Watch…”) made me cringe so hard that I am unsubscribing. I might give it another shot in the future, because honestly, this seems like a bunch of fun guys who have very nice contributions to make, but they need to get their act together.

Four dudes talking

5 stars

by: gth8

Always interesting and timely discussions. The Canadian content is a definite plus too, eh?

Great podcast!

5 stars

by: NePats2

Great content, great hosts. Keep it up!

Top choice for indie iOS developer

5 stars

by: Chris In Issaquah, WA

Good discussion of both technical and business issues in be an independent iOS developer.
Fun discussions with a minimum amount of chatter. I like this feed so much I have downloaded all the prior episodes and am listening from the beginning.

Great, interesting podcast

5 stars

by: Evan Dekhayser

This podcast is one of the best iOS casts that I follow. The content and discussions are very interesting, and I look forward to listening to more! I also love it’s natural flow, makes it very easy to listen to. Keep it up!”

Great New Podcast!

5 stars

by: Farley 1

Excellent weekly discussion about the iOS & Mac development landscape from some gents that are quite engaging and knowledgeable on the subject. If you enjoy podcasts such as the Accidental Tech Podcast and Core Intuition then you’ll like MTJC.

One of the best!

5 stars

by: 25845584558

I listen to about 12 iOS related podcasts. This is in my top-three list. OK, really I guess it’s #2. They’ve been consistent coming out with regular episodes, they’re great to listen to, and it’s relevant. I highly recommend as a great podcast for iOS developers to listen to. And I learned a thing or two about Canada, too.


5 stars

by: rrenna

Great new podcast, love the round table format and the varied opinions. Having the Canadian perspective of Aaron and Tim is great.

MTJC podcast Ep 5

5 stars

by: 5tigar00

An interesting discussion about recent events, nude photos and password authentication. A good start indeed.