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How do you record the show?

We meet each Wednesday on and discuss the latest topics we want to cover. Often the discussions in the pre-show or after-show end up in the edited show. We each record our audio individually with Quicktime and then send the recording to Tim on Dropbox. We use Shure SMB7 and Blue Microphones (1 Yeti & 1 Snowball.) Tim tries to match the volume, filter out external noise (A/C and Mac fan noise.) Then a final edit and mixdown on Logic Pro X. The file is saved as an mp3 and uploaded to our hosts on, usually on Saturday.

How can you support the show?

There are a few ways you can support the show. You can retweet our posts on Twitter and tell your colleagues about us. Those two methods seem to be the best. You can rate us and review us on iTunes, that helps others find us — tho TBH it's tough to get discovered that way. We have a Patreon page where you can pledge your support. You can pledge a couple of bucks per month. The most common seems to $5 per month. We publish around 4 shows per month so that's like a cup of Tim Hortons coffee per week, but better. Canadians know the latter tastes like puck water. If you want to run an ad on the how, you can sponsor an episode or two. Your message will be heard 10,000+ times in a month.

Is Mark really buddies with Tim Cook?

No, not really. Mark had some time to kill while in Palo Alto. He decided to go to the Apple Store there. He noticed a bunch of people grouped together. After a while, Tim Cook, came up to Mark and said “Hi”. The Apple guy with Mr Cook asked if Mark would like a photo with Tim Cook. The lighting on Mark in the photo was dark, so I hastily adjusted the levels in Photoshop. Mark looks like a cardboard cut out. So we joke that Tim Cook carries around a card board cutout of Mark.

How many times has the MTJC T-Shirts appeared at WWDC?

If you go to our Facebook page you'll see most of the shots. We've had the T-Shirts appear in selfies with Craig Federigi at least 3 times. There's even a secret super rare unpublished shot of the T-Shirt with the hosts or ATP, The Talk Show and Federico Viticci. Marco said, "nice logo!"

Why do you make such a big deal about software developers calling themselves “engineers”?

In Canada we have many Professional Engineering Associations. To call yourself a engineer you are required by law to have studied and graduated from an accredited Engineering program. Then you can be given the title P.Eng and refer to yourself as an engineer. AFAIK, in the US you can be given the title software engineer as a job title. In Canada, there really isn’t such a term. You can study Electrical Engineering which can include studies in computer science.

In Canada, the title “professional engineer” is restricted by law. In Ontario, only those individuals who have demonstrated that they possess the necessary qualifications and have been licensed by PEO can use the title, which is often abbreviated as “P.Eng.”

– source Professional Engineers of Ontario

What is the correct pronunciation of OS X?

Canonically the correct pronunciation is “Oh Ess Ten”, because “X” is the Roman Numeral for 10. That said, Tim, will probably continue to say “Oh Ess Ex” because he’s old and decrepit. He does recognize the this is wrong and regularly hangs his head in shame, when he says it incorrectly. However he does get annoyed that the mere slip halts the conversation dead in its tracks.

What is the Other App Store?

The Other App Store was coined by Aaron in Episode 3. He contends that there is an artificial divide between apps on the App Store. There are the apps built by people such as Tom Hanks and Kim Kardashian and companies like Super Cell, who’s apps are regularly featured by Apple. The Other App Store is for the rest of us. The developers who will be relegated to being ignored and overlooked.