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a round table discussion about iOS development, macOS and Swift.

About the show

MTJC podcast is a show about mobile development. Each week Jaime Lopez, Mark Rubin (sometimes Greg Heo and Tammy Coron) and myself, Tim Mitra, will convene from across the continent to discuss iOS and Mac development. We discuss current issues to find out what developers are talking about, what their apps are about, what they are using to create their apps and what advice they have for other developers (or those looking to become one). We also have news, notes and tech tips for developers.

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  • Episode 231: Even Villains Gotta Listen

    January 25th, 2019  |  57 mins 20 secs
    360idev, 911, any day now, clearance, costco, cronenberg, currentc, data brokers, fastlane, felix krausse, inspect, interac, iphone se, jazzy, joe montana, ken griffey, kilometrage, l/100km, lcd, lithium batteries, metric, metro, microsoft, mythbusters jr, no tap, patriots, privacy, red sox, roles, ruby, rwdevcon, san jose, scanners, super blood wolf moon, super bowl, supply chain, swiftlint, tap to pay, target, terry bradshaw, tim cook, tom brady, tuple, wal-mart, windows 10, windows phone

    This week we follow up on fuel economy, Apple Pay coming to Target and other US retailers, Windows Phone is end of life, and Apple is selling the iPhone SE at clearance pricing. Apple is unifying developer roles. Tim Cook on privacy is discussed. Picks: Use a custom "inspect" extension to debug pipelines, Fastlane, New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl

  • Episode 230: We All Lose

    January 19th, 2019  |  1 hr 6 mins
    apple maps, apple music, apple tv, apple watch, bendgate, cb radio, china, cloud kit, compaq, data plans, dot com, duckduckgo, ekg, fisheye, foundation db, home pod, intel, ipad pro, iphone se, itv, key value store, laughy taffy, long haul simulators, mach 5, marzipan, medicare, mileage, motorola razor, national geographic, oled, palm pilot, panorama app, pcalc, polaroid, power pc, powerbook, protocol buffers, qualcomm, telephoto, triple camera, valley of the boom, verizon, walkman, yardage

    We fact check on the Apple TV, follow up on avoiding paywalls and iPad Pro bendgate. Is the iPhone going the way of the Polaroid, Walkman and Palm Pilot? Apple is looking to pair the Apple Watch and Medicare. Qualcomm refused to sell chips to Apple. The HomePod is launching in China and Apple introduces a new battery case for the new phones. Foundation DB introduces a record layer. Verizon is giving away Apple Music. DuckDuckGo rolls out private location services with Apple Maps JS. Apple will introduce 3 new phones in 2019 and should the employ the new iPad Pro design on the phones? Picks: UI Sound Inspiration, Programing Dad Jokes, ICanHazDadJokes API.

  • Episode 229: Feeling The Pinch

    January 12th, 2019  |  1 hr 36 secs
    5ge, 64-bit, alexa, antenna, apple tv, at&t, facebook portal, filemaker pro, fire stick, github, google assistant, google home max, hacking with swift, headphone jack, homepod, hspa+, ipad mini 5, jim cramer, lg, mad money, photos, quickkeys, rene richie, roku stick, samsung tv, security & privacy, siri, smart tv, sonos, swift, television, test your swift, vector, watchpoints

    We take a look at Vector's review on fixing the HomePod. Samsung's Smart TV will support iTunes Movies & TV Shows as well as AirPlay 2. We discuss the original Apple TV. AT&T tries to slip in a 5G icon on client phones. Microsoft's GitHub adds unlimited private repos. We look at a leaked photo of an iPad Mini 5. A new "behind OLED" Face ID sensor is revealed. Apple uses trade-ins as well as lower prices in some markets to encourage iPhone sales. Samsung also warns of a 30% reduction in profits in it's 4th quarter. Yubico reveals Lightning port security keys. Apple's TV service should come out in 2019. Picks: Xcode in 10 Seconds, Shortcuts links, Test Your Swift.

  • Episode 228: Beavers & Bellwethers

    January 5th, 2019  |  49 mins
    360idev, 5 years, anthony, apple music, audible, austin, avengers: infinity war, bandersnatch, best buy, boxing day, capitulation, capsicum, captain & tennille, castro, consumables, content, culver, curtis herbert, developer, devtube, el paso, engineer, hollywood, home pod, india, iron ring, ish, jean macdonald, jennifer aniston, jerry seinfeld, mind hunter, netflix, pay walls, peanuts, petawawa, podcasts, restaurant, seattle, sensor tower, slopes, streaming, subscriptions, super dave osborne, tammy coron, techcrunch, tennessee, the beaverton, tim the beaver, tiny, turicreate, twitter, youtube tv

    This week we follow up on the case of an Oregon man who uses the title "engineer". Apple lowered its Q1 guidance based on lower expectations. Apple also starts assembling premium iPhones in India. Apple's new plans may reveal what projects will be worked on around the United States. Netflix has pulled iTunes billing for users. Picks: Gesture based app selection and organization, Learn Talks.

  • Episode 227: They're Everywhere! They're Everywhere!

    December 29th, 2018  |  1 hr 6 mins
    accessibility, adam armstrong, affinity designer, airplay, amend, app store, appl, apple give back, apple music, apple stock, apple store, arkit, astropad studio, austin, bendgate, beyond meat, boxing day, buddy build, bullwinkle & rocky, charles proxy for ios, clip studio paint, compensation, cost of living, coursera, create ml, csis, denver, downton abbey, dudley do-right, equity compensation, escape key, flack, fourier analysis, gdpr, ghostery lite, home alone, home pod, ibm watson, ipad 9.7, ipad pro, iphone os sdk, logitech crayon, luna display, macbook air 2018, machine learning, marathon, mcafee, memoji, mini vmac, minimoog model d, mp3, neuroplasticity, nsnorth, pcalc, promo codes, rcmp, require attention, san jose, seattle, skydio r1, stanley cup, susan kare, suzanne vega, testflight, this is your brian on music, token, tom’s diner, tunnel bear, turi create, uber, vesting, wwdc 2018, xcode treasures

    We fact check on CSIS, overtime hockey, defeating Face ID, and git commit --amend. #askMTJC brings up promo codes for IAP and the bands on the Stanley Cup. Apple stock sees its best performance in five years. The main topic is top paying tech companies in 2018 and comparative compensation vs cost of living. We review the highlights of the More Than Just Code podcast in 2018. We also choose our top picks for 2018. Picks: Google Home Alone

  • Episode 226: Bendgate Pro

    December 22nd, 2018  |  1 hr 20 mins
    8-bit guy, alaska airlines, aluminium, amazon echo, amazon fire tv, android, apple books, apple music, apple pencil, apple tv, applecare, atari 2600, bendgate pro, bill cosby, c64 mini, charlie brown, chico’s tacos, commodore vic20, connect, culver city, curtis herbert, cydia, dallas, dhx media, egypt station, el paso, esim, face id, functional swift, gatekeeper, genesis, hockey hall of fame, home pod, iap gifts, infinity blade, ipad pro, jailbroken, jane heo, jay freeman, kdrama, kdramamamas, luna display, lyft, maple leafs, mercator projection, metallurgy, mutable state, nathan phillips square, new york rangers, nhl, nintendo, overtime, paperlike, paul mccartney, peanuts, pinterest, poutine, protocol, real size, salad king, seattle mariners, sega, slopes, snoopy, spell check, standard library, stanley cup, stem, t-mobile park, texas, the other app store, turing create, uber, ugly sweater, verison, victor von doom, windows sandbox, yeti

    This week Greg Heo leads the crew as they discuss the Windows 95 ugly holiday sweater, NHL hockey overtime 3 on 3, and protocol conformance. We follow up on Apple shutting down Music’s Connect feature, Sega Genesis Classics are playable on Amazon Fire, the C64 Mini, Windows Sandbox, Apple is producing new Peanuts content, breaking into Amazon face recognition with 3D printed heads, T-Mobile eSIM support, Apple will allow IAP gifted to Friends & Family. Apple will build new campus in Austin and add jobs across the US. Cydia Store shuts down. Apple confirms some iPad Pros ship slightly bent, but says it’s normal. Picks: Xcode Comment-Spell-Checker, 6 Audio books on Apple Books, The 8-Bit Guy, Functional Swift 2018 videos, MagazineLayout

  • Episode 225: A BIt Of A Fumble

    December 15th, 2018  |  1 hr 1 min
    5g, alloc, apple music, associated value, big nerd ranch, bobby orr, carlton the bear, china, container, david smith, docker, egypt station, enum, failable initializer, fortnight, galaxy a8, gofundme, google+, gritty, hail mary, headphone, hole punch, hyperdrive, ibm swift sandbox, infinity blade, infinity o display, init, iot, iphone x, iphone xr, iphone xs, kubernetes, liquid retina, liverpool, machine learning, mccartney, mixpanel, moulds, oled, oleg begaman, optionals, orchard, qualcomm, scarborough, seattle, shortcuts, stock market, swift, swift 5, try?, ubuntu, united states

    We get an iOS shortcut for bypassing paywalls in #askMTJC. We follow up with a deep dive into poor iPhone XR adoption figures, Google+ has potentially exposed data from 52M users, Infinity Blade games removed from the App Store, Apple appeals to China's iPhone ban, and Samsung removes the headphone jack. We take a look at some Swift tricks that you may not know about. Swift 5.0 wants us to try some nice breaking changes. You can record ARKit sessions in order to debug. It's apparently really easy to add a second display to an iOS app. Picks: A look at the Original 1984 Macintosh User Manual, Swift Docker image hosted by Apple.

  • Episode 224: Siri, Open The Pod Bay Doors

    December 8th, 2018  |  1 hr 13 mins
    5g, after dark, air pods, apple, at&t, bandgeek, bath & beyond, bed, behaviors, chanukah, chopin, cocktail party effect, dark castle, dr who, echo, entrepreneurs, esim, federico viticci, florida, flying toasters, freddy mercury, github, google home hub, hawaii, home bridge, home pod, homekit, joe cieplinski, jordan morgan, kansas, luna display, marc martel, miami, myopia, new england patriots, openurl(:_), partitioning, philip shoemaker, please don’t touch, qi, qualcomm, queen, rene richie, seattle, settings, siri, siri shortcuts, steve hackett, steve walsh, system 6.0.8, washinton dc, wendies, wireless charging, workflow, wwdc, xcode, xmas, ḥanukah

    We discuss using Siri to access application settings in our #askMTJC. We fact check on Indian Partitioning dates. We follow up on Apple Music arriving on Amazon’s Echo, Apple vs Qualcomm trial date set, 5G iPhone maybe as late as 2020, wireless charging for AirPods and AT&T first to support eSim. We discuss changing laws with GitHub pull requests. Apple's program for women entrepreneur developers. Siri Shortcuts Not Working for many people. Real-time text support for Wi-Fi calling. Touch ID used in app scams to bilk users. Picks: Xcode Short Cuts, Run macOS on iPad, Play Retro Dark Castle on iPad with System 6.0.8, Optimizing Siri on HomePod in Far‑Field Settings

  • Episode 223: With Scary Air Quotes

    December 1st, 2018  |  1 hr 22 mins
    1947, alibaba, amazon pay, amazon re: invent, apple tv 4k, as it happens, august 14, august 25, aws blockchain, aws certification, bangladesh, bell media, bill 101, blackout, ceylon, chester, code mobile, creative selection, cut diamond in lincoln, cydia, direct tv, dr who, dropbox, faang stocks, freemium, functional swift, ikea, illinois brick case, interac, ios dev uk, jay freeman, leonardo dicaprio, luna display, macbook air, redding, rosa parks, skydio, sportsnet, sri lanka, stratecery, subethaedit, subscriptions, sunday’s nfl ticket, supreme court, titanic, topology eyewear, uibackbarbuttonitem, union square, venmo, visa, west pakistan, with scary air quotes

    We follow up on #askMTJC about NFL blackouts, Canadian sports channel, and Canada's Bill 101. We follow up on Jony Ive designed diamond ring, App Store Connect holiday closure, iPhone XR price drop in Japan, and surprisingly the iPhone XR is Apple's best seller. We also follow up on Black Friday 2018 deals. Amazon introduces it's own Arm processor, and Amazon Pay will take on Apple Pay. The US Supreme Court is to decide if Apple can be sued for high prices and its monopoly. Picks: Amazon’s own ‘Machine Learning University’ now available to all developers, simctl - NSHipster, Linking to Subscription Management Settings, SubEthaEdit open source, Creative Selection: Inside Apple's Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs.

  • Episode 222: Everyone's A Publisher

    November 24th, 2018  |  1 hr 10 mins
    49’ers, amazon, andrew ng, at&t, bill 101, black friday, braves, buffalo bills, claris works, code warrior, comcast, convolutional neural networks, cousera, crazy russian hacker, dark castle, deep fakes, deep learning, direct tv, esim, everyone’s a publisher, face id, folding phones, inside macintosh, instagram, jordan peele, london bridge, mac 128k, machine learning, marsipan, napalm girl, natural language processing, neural networks, new england patriots, nfl, nlp, obama, pict, post, recurrent networks, red sox, rogers, spockcast, sportsnet, st michael’s, system 6.0.8, tsn, verizon

    We follow up on folding phones as Google adds support to Android. Apple cuts production on all new iPhone X series phones. Verizon will bring eSIM support for iPhones. Amazon US will now sell Macs for Apple. Prince William weighs in on social network giants lack of discretion. Tim Cook says regulations as inevitable. Apple has bought a privacy-conscious AI start up. Picks: Swift Heroes 2018 conference videos, Mini vMac for iOS, Deep Learning Specialization

  • Episode 221: Not Expected Behavior

    November 17th, 2018  |  1 hr 8 mins
    6.001, abelson, aloestackview, android, asp, ast 2 configuration suite, bear market, bin, emacs, ex-dividend date, folding phone, functions are fun, i feel fine, instagram, intel iphone, iphone 8, jim kramer, lisp, lsp, macbook escape, mit open courseware, night sight, paperback writer, patreon, pixel 3 phone, python, revolution 1, revolution no. 9, right to repair, rogers, scheme, screen replacements, shortcuts drawer view, spotify, structured interpretation of computer programming, sussman, t2, tariffs, the beatles, the little schemer, the white album

    We look at #askMTJC from Paul Wilkinson on emptying the bin. Greg Heo joins us again as we discuss Apple's plan to replace unresponsive screens on iPhone X models. An iPhone X has exploded after being recharged. Spotify has launched an Apple Watch app. Apple's T2 chip will require a post upgrade/repair diagnostic tool to be run. Apple's stock price continues to drop as more suppliers lower their estimates on future iPhone XR orders. We also discuss Samsung's foldable phone and Google's Pixel 3 Night Sight feature. We discuss Swift LSP and MIT's 6.001 course on Lisp and Scheme. Picks: Is this AI? We drew you a flowchart to work it out, Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, AloeStackView, Re-creating the Siri Shortcuts Drawer Interaction.

  • Episode 220: It’s Better Than AR

    November 10th, 2018  |  1 hr 22 mins
    3d portrait, @objc, a12 bionic, adam armstrong, adam beck, algorithm, aluminium, american falls, bauxite, bias, big nerd ranch, block syntax, braun, centimeters, champs elise, cobalt, computer science, dot synax, dunning kruger effect, geek bench, generation x, grams, grand central terminal, helium, horseshoe falls, hydro electricity, in app purchase, inches, ipad pro, iphone xr, jason snell, leica, lithium, macbook air, memory management, mikey ward, mind map, moscone west, naughts, niagara falls, objective-c, pounds, properties access, quebec, recycling, rene richie, right to repair, ripley’s believe it or not, s pen, samsung xr, skills matrix, snapping fingers, stockholm, swift, vector

    Greg Heo joins Tim for discussions on the new MacBook Air, iPad Pro and iPhone XR. Apple's Recycling on the new MacBook Air is not all that! In App Pricing disappeared from the App Store. Greg visited the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 in search of the folding phone. We discussed the iOS Developer Roadmap. Helium can brick your iPhone. Apple reduces the production line for the iPhone XR. Stockholm nixes Apple Store plans in the Kungsträdgården. Bad algorithms are making inappropriate decisions. Picks: iPad Pro (2018) Review, Teach Yourself Computer Science

  • Episode 219: Acquisitions and Murders

    November 3rd, 2018  |  1 hr 38 mins
    2k games, acquisitions and murders, adobe, adobe creek, air pods, all orientation, aluminium, apple, arm64e, aws, azure, bloomberg, bondi blue imac, charles geschke, christoper null, compatibility mode, face id, fedora, flu shot, force touch track pad, github, ibm, imugr, ipad pro, jamf, john warnock, lana del rey, laserwriter, lion air, logitech, los altos, macbook air, microsoft, mobile, motion capture, nba 2k, page maker, photoshop ios, postscript, press release, red hat, red sox, rocksmith, satnia nadala, t2, telltale games, there is no step three, touch bar, touch id, true tone, usb-c, user defined build setting, vector, visual studio, walt mossberg, watchos 5.1, xbox one, xbox s

    Microsoft has bought GItHub. IBM is buying Red Hat. Apple bars Bloomberg from iPad event. All of the Apple Logos Included in the October 30 Event. Tim Mitra Blends Art and (Computer) Science at TD Bank. JAMF - There is no step three. New 2018 MacBook Air, 2018 Mac Mini, 2018 iPad Pro - 11” & 12.9”, and 2nd Gen. Apple Pencil. Picks: Designing for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, Bringing Your Apps to iPad Pro, Shared Version Number trick

  • Episode 218: Golfing With the Blue Jays

    October 27th, 2018  |  1 hr 3 mins
    5g, air power, amber mac, andrew jassy, android, apple pencil, at&t, baby boomer, beautygate, becky, bloomberg, bose, boston red socks, cbs allaccess, cdmi, debugging, dep, derek selander, dlc, dr who, duke of york, edm, eec, emily litella, face id, g3, game of thrones, gdpr, gen x, generation axe, george r r murray, golfing with the blue jays, gsm, hawkeye access, hi-def, holland, ibm, ipad pro, iphone 5, iphone xr, jamf, jetbrains, johnny galecki, lldb, lte, mac pro, macbook, macbook air, mdm, milennial, mobile world congress, mud’s women, new amsterdam, new york, new york times, october 30, privacy, reverse engineer, rocksmith 2014, roseanne, sarah gilbert, satisfaction, skydio, star trek, steve vai, stubhub, supergirl, tap tap, tapulus, texas tea, the connors, tim cook, true depth, ubisoft, world series, wwdc mmxiii, young sheldon

    We follow up on not using Facebook for logins and Apple and AWS request the Bloomberg retract the Chinese Spy Chip story. Apple is working on a patch for the #Beautygate — where the iPhone XS is over beautifying portrait photos. We revisit Swift & Objective-C usage. The October 30th event will apparently introduce 2 new iPad Pros, iPad Mini, two iMacs and possibly a new MacBook. IBM open sources their [email protected] configuration. Tim Cook calls for strong US Privacy legislation. We touch on the upcoming 5G mobile service. Picks: Xcode 10 patches to Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering, Hawkeye Access.

  • Episode 217: On the Up and Up

    October 20th, 2018  |  1 hr 14 mins
    501st legion, affinity designer, all creatures great and small, amazon, apple tv, apple watch, application loader, astropad studio, autonomous, bbc america, capital one, carrie fisher, cbc, christoper eccleston, command shift 5, computer vison, david tennant, deep fakes, dr who, eaton’s centre, gallifrey, gdpr, geek bench, genius bar, google, ifixit, illustrator, iphone battery, jon pertwee, logic pro x, louis rossman, luna display, machine learning, matt smith, michael jackson, nest camera, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, nordstrom’s, palo alto, paul allen, peter capaldi, peter cushing, peter davidson, photoshop, privacy, repairs, right to repair, secrets & lies, series 2, shana scarlett, skydio r1, sonic screwdriver, space tv, star trek: discovery, supergirl, swift & fika, tardis, tesla, tls, tom baker, two factor authentication, william hartner, yorkdale mall

    We follow up on watching Dr Who in the US without cable, iOS 12 adoption is greater than iOS 11 a year ago, FaceBook will in fact track you via Portal in-home. Apple plans to give video content away to Apple device owners for free. We dig in on the cost to repair Apple gear; the right to repair and past examples of Apple's efforts to improve experience at the cost of speed. Adobe has announced Photoshop CC for iPad. Apple will allow users in the US to download all the info Apple has on them. Picks: Watch Apple, Amazon, Google & Tesla solve delivery problems, Cmd-Shift-5, Luna Display, The Illustrated TLS Connection, Swift & Fika 2018, Skydio’s self-flying drone can now be controlled using just an Apple Watch.

  • Episode 216: Bananas & Lies

    October 13th, 2018  |  59 mins 56 secs
    360idev article, alan turing, alfred hobbs, apple logo, astro pad, bananas, beaucoup, bloomberg, blue tooth, brexit, buzz aldrin, clion, dave wiskus, day light savings, enigma machine, face time, facebook, facebook portal, first man, google plus, hockey, jet brains, kotin, lapel pins, light saber bug, luna display, matt rouge, navajo talkers, notch, ny comicon, public betas, repl, saqib shaikh, security sticker, sensor area, spark, super micro, swift packages, the big hack, topsy, turtle graphics, us congress, vector, wikipedia, yaml

    We answer our askMTJC from Paul Wilkinson about eSim support and Aussie Apple retail pricing. Tim discusses his Apollo XI T-shirt and Wikipedia's support drive. We follow up on Testflight public betas which inspire a new site, Google Plus is shutting down, Secrets & Lies, and Facebook Portal introduces new smart screens for the home. 3D Bananas are the new scale of processor performance. Another follow up on Saqib Shaikh as he appears on CBC's Spark. Luna Display is available for sale. We discuss iOS 12 and Core Data External Binary Data Storage, State of Developer Ecosystem, Apple vs the Big Hack, Aussie Day Light Savings Apple Watch bug, iOS 12.0.1 bug fixes, and Apple's overpriced repairs. Picks: The Apple II Source Code for the LOGO Language Found, CodeMobile Weekly Episode 2: A fireside chat with Jaime Lopez, Designing Websites for iPhone X, REPL Support for Swift Packages.