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a round table discussion about iOS development, macOS and Swift.

About the show

MTJC podcast is a show about mobile development. Each week Jaime Lopez, Mark Rubin (sometimes Greg Heo and Tammy Coron) and myself, Tim Mitra, will convene from across the continent to discuss iOS and Mac development. We discuss current issues to find out what developers are talking about, what their apps are about, what they are using to create their apps and what advice they have for other developers (or those looking to become one). We also have news, notes and tech tips for developers.

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  • Episode 272: Apple's Back

    November 2nd, 2019  |  1 hr 31 mins
    accessibility, ada, affinity designer, air pods pro, airpods, airpods pro, als, apfs, apple pay, apple’s back, babe ruth, catalina, catalyst, christian slater, command line tools, copy left, cs6, curse of the bambino, documentation, dominos, dra, earnings, elliot, fitbit, fml, gameclub, gnostic, google, health, illustrator, ios 13.2, iosdevuk, iphone 5, jason snell, john gruber, lou gehrig, mackenzie davis, mage gauntlet, microsoft office, mike vinakmens, milos dunjic, mls cup, mr robot, nigel hamilton, oauth, octa, openapi, openid, pebble, protocol buffers, red sox, sign in apple, soccer, starbucks, swagger, tensorboard, tensorflow, toronto fc, userinterfaceidiom, walgreens, washington dc, wearos, xcode-select, yankees

    This time we discuss the look of the new AirPods Pro and installing Catalina on an APFS partition. We also follow up on website accessibility, and illustrated guide to OAuth and OpenID as well as in plain English. The confusion around iOS 13 share sheets continues, and we are front and centre in a group photo from iOS Dev UK. Mark reports on Apple's record breaking earnings. GameHub revives old iOS games. Apple warns iPhone 5 owners to update. Apple reveals new AirPods Pro. Apple also releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2. They also pull and update to 13.2.1 after some Home Pods get bricked. Picks: "Apple, Your Developer Documentation is… Missing", gnostic,, Up & Running on macOS with Catalyst.

  • Episode 271: Cheetos Finger Hot Dog Stylus

    October 26th, 2019  |  1 hr 14 mins
    amazon pay, appl, apple pay, astropad studio, at&t stadium, azure, buffalo bills, catalyst, chris hadfield, click to pay, core data, cra, dallas cowboys, dorian, dracula, edvard munck, elevate, emv, end game, eric clapton, galaxy s10, gddp, gerry world, gift cards, google, hasan manaj, jodi kovitz, letterboxd, life in 12 bars, luna display, mac app store, mac pro, mac to mac,, matt rogue, microsoft,, mixolydian, mountain lion, nfc, nshipster, oauth2, patriot act, pentatonic, pilgrims, pixel 4, pixelmater pro, pro display xdr, rsa, s1, scales & modes, screen scraping, security, selling england by the pound, side car, sign in with apple, softbank, spaniel, star wars, starbucks, steve hackett, two sides of canada,, visual studio code, we work

    This week we follow up on Move the Dial, how AstroPad HQ is dealing with being "Sherlocked", Apple surpasses Microsoft, and apps merged from iPad to Mac have troubles with user charges. We dig into security foibles with Google's Pixel 4 and Samsungs Galaxy 10. Apple Pay has overtaken Starbucks as a payment platform. Apple has implemented OpenID Connect with Sign in with Apple. SoftBank to Take Majority Stake in WeWork. There is a looming EMV "Y2K Moment". Picks: Dracula — A dark theme for Visual Studio Code and 50+ apps, Pixelmator Pro - on sale, Creative Things: A Collection Of Creative THINGS From Around The World.

    Outro by voiceover artist — Mike Vinakmens.

  • Episode 270: Who Moved My Dang Cheese?

    October 19th, 2019  |  1 hr 20 mins
    32-bit, accessibility, accessible, adobe, app store connect, apple tv+, arcade, bob dylan, call hierarchy, catalina, catalyst, catalytic converter, containers, cs6, daniel steinburg, dice by pcalc, dominos, dweezil zappa, final cut pro, github, hacktoberfest, helper application, hot rats, iheartradio, inglorious bastards, ios 13, james thomson, jenkins, lightroom, mac app store, mini map, mixpanel, move the dial, oauth2, operator 41, pcalc, photoshop, php7, project navigator, quick open, rob whitaker, roku, scott forestall, secure boot, seneca college, spockcast, spotify, spruce campbell, swiftui kickstart, t2, taylor swift, the apple key, the final cut, time machine, ton ton, touch id, transporter, tunein radio, wwdc, xcode, xcode shortcuts, ygd, zvon petric

    We follow up on up on Hacktoberfest, finger counting, the Domino's accessibility lawsuit, bundling Apple services, what the T2 chip does, and iOS 13 adoption rates. We discuss how a 14 year old developer got his game on Apple's Arcade. You can now ask Siri to play Spotify music on iOS 13. James Thompson shares his experience getting apps converted to Catalyst. The Apple TV app is coming to Roku. Picks: A SwiftUI Kickstart, Move The Dial, Transporter, Rob Whitaker on Accessibility, and Essential Xcode Shortcuts for More Efficient Coding.

  • Episode 269: Best of MTJC: Devs On the Street — LIVE from WWDC 2019

    October 12th, 2019  |  54 mins 24 secs
    accessibility, altconf, apple pencil, appleos, bitbucket, cheese grater, cloudkit, cocoapods, core data, craig fegerighi, dark mode,, field notebook, github, gitlab, greg jawiak, interface builder, ipados, jean macdonald, keyboard shortcuts, keynote, loews, mac pro, manton reese, marzipan,, mini map, nebo, pencilkit, platform state of the union, pro display xdr, project catalyst, radius, release notes conference, sfsymbols, shortcuts, sign in with apple, storyboard, sublimetext, subscription pricing, surface, swift package manager, swift playgrounds 3, swiftui, the talk show, viewsonic, voice control, watch apps, xcode 11

    Recorded LIVE during WWDC 2019: In this special episode Tim interviewed several iOS developers on-site at WWDC thought the conference. Joining us this week are Tom Harington, Jeff Rames, Ish Shabazz, Kilo Loco, Mark Struzinzki, Adam Armstrong, Dru Freeman, Ray Fix, Megan Winter, Anthony Laurence, Ricky de Laveaga, Kendal Gelner, and literally on the street Joe Cieplinski. We discuss the WWDC Keynote, PSotU, SwiftUI, Project Catalyst, Dark Mode, stand alone Watch Apps, Xcode 11, Voice Control, iPadOS, Swift Package Manager, the 2019 Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, The Talk Show,,, AltConf, Swift Playgrounds 3, Xcode 11, and the Release Notes Conference.

  • Episode 268: Xcode Memory View

    October 5th, 2019  |  50 mins 35 secs
    1password, ad astra, agilebits, allow apps from anywhere, big endian, black hat, bob dylan, canadian dollar, caveman debugging, checkm8, class, code completion, combine, copy by reference, copy by value, copy on write, corgi,, expecations, function builders, greta, heap, hendrix experience, hotwheels, inglorious bastards, int8, interviews, john sundell, journey to the far side of the sun, lancia, little endian, macpaw, marin todorov, mark ambrose, matchbox, mattel, memory viewer, omg cable, on boarding, penbook, pencilkit, property wrappers, quentin tarantino, ryan nystrom, setapp, space 1999, sr&ed, stack, star wars, struct, swift playgrounds, swiftui, the great escape, the musical box, thunderbirds, top gear, try combine, tyco, worcester

    We fact check on Apple costs, SR&ED, and Matchbox. In the follow up we name check Worcestershire, the OMG Cable, and the Checkm8 exploit. We review Swift Memory Management and Performance. Swift Playgrounds on iPad adds SwiftUI, iOS 13 SDK and Combine support. Picks: Reverse Interview, Catalina tip - download apps from anywhere, PenBook built with SwiftUI, PencilKit and iPadOS, Xcode Spell Chec, and Combine Function Builders.

  • Episode 267: Great Developers Paste

    September 28th, 2019  |  1 hr 42 mins
    3rd party, ad mob, alt store, apple pencil, arcade, austin, australia, battery health, bluetooth, canada council, canadian media fund, carebear, cheech & chong, chef, chris hadfield, close tabs, combine, control center, corgi, dark mode, desktop-class browsing, development, dlc, dynamic type, ea, elevate 2019, elevate tech jam, flatmap, gestures, gorn, greg joswiak, guy kawasaki, hacktoberfest, home screen, hotwheels, iap, instant coffee, internet, ios 13.1, ipad os videos, ipados, jaundice, joz, kirk, konami, latency, mac app store, mac pro, made by snowman, masters of the universe, matchbox, my little pony, namco, no paywall, nsnorth, objective-c, omni channel, open source, photo editor, polyglot, publishers, settapp, share sheet, shawn marston, smartphone, source code, spark, spek, spock, sr&ed, steve wosniak, swift 3, swiftui, swipe-to-type, swtchtolatest, the agency podcast, the cloud, tim hortons, tommy chong, toy hall of fame, transforming operators, transitions, version control, version editor, where cards fall, woz, xcode 11

    We start with iOS 13.1 release date, Bluetooth access notifications, the price of Apple gear in Australia, listening to podcasts on CarPlay, and getting into open source through a hackathon. We follow up on top 10 Apple Arcade games, Google Play Pass rolls out games for Android, iPadOS comes out, and the Alt Store has also come out for iOS devices. The smartphone is in the running for Toy Hall of Fame. The Best iOS 13 Tips and Tricks. Apple says it will make the new Mac Pro in Texas. Picks: Bug Reporting in a Snap, Hacktoberfest presented by DigitalOcean and DEV, Apple Shares New Tutorial Videos Showcasing iPadOS Features, Advanced SwiftUI Transitions. One More Thing... Transforming Operators in Swift Combine Framework: Map vs FlatMap vs SwitchToLatest.

  • Episode 266: What Color Is Your Apple Card?

    September 21st, 2019  |  57 mins 53 secs
    app store search, apple arcade, apple tv+, apple youtube, battery life, battlestar gallactica, belana, big bang theory, billing grace period, blue tooth, brady bunch, castro, ceramic, cheers, cokie roberts, core ml, dark mode, degrassi junior high, dodo peak, eddie cue, fantastic feasts, friends, frogger, gilligan’s island, golden girls, google pixel 3, hbo max, ios 13, ios 13.1, iphone 11, iphone 11 pro, iphone xs, james thompson, konami, lego adventures, machine learning by tutorials, maple syrup, mario lopez, marmite, matthijs hollemans, midnight green, nbc universal, night mode, occam’s razer, octonauts, overcast, pac mac party royal, peacock, phil schiller, plus, pocket casts, princess bride, punky brewster, ric okasek, ryan cash, sam ishmel, saved by the bell, sayonara wild hearts, seinfeld, sensor tower, snowman, sonic racing, subscriptions, super hdr, text selection, thanksgiving, the price is right, tiff 2019, tuvok, unimatrix zero, voiceover, voyager, where cards fall

    Apple Arcade is now available to iOS 13 users, we discuss this as well as Apple TV+. It seems the US based Apple Card users have an advantage buying Apple gear. The September event is available on-demand via YouTube. We discuss the early iPhone 11 Pro reviews. Does Apple tip the scales in favour of its own apps? Billing Grace Period Now Available in App Store Connect. Podcast app Pocket Casts is now available for free, with an optional $0.99 subscription. Picks: On-device training with Core ML, Press Kit Pro Tip, Dark Mode — Working with Color Systems.

  • Episode 265: AppleTV+ and Chill

    September 14th, 2019  |  1 hr 42 mins
    12mp telephoto camera, 12mp wide angle camera, 12mp wide camera, 16:00, 4x optical zoom, 5th avenue, a10 fusion, a13 bionic, aberswith, aluminium, amazon prime, apple arcade, apple card, apple event, apple hearing study, apple heart and movement study, apple research, apple research app, apple store, apple tv+, apple u1, apple watch, apple watch experience, applecare +, barbara bain, cinematic stabilization, comcast, compass, crayon, dave okun, deep fusion, developer advocate, drigend, ethan hunt, evangelist, face id, filmic pro, frogger in toy town, glyph, haptic touch, hermes, homepod, iosdevuk, ipad, iphone 11, iphone pro 11, iphone xr, kerf, ki wireless kitchen, konami, leonard nimoy, liaison, macintosh lc, martin landeau, metallica, microsoft, midnight green, mission impossible, multitasking, netflix and chill, night mode, office space, patina, people skills, peter graves, posix, see, shawn marsten, shrewsbury, slofies, smart hdr, space 1999, st albans, stadium, starboard, steam, steven troughtan-smith, sumbul desai, tamara jones, the edge, the strokes, theater mode, titanium, touch id, trypophobia, u2, vintage, weatherspoon, zoom wheel

    We follow up on Ethan Hunt, POSIX, in-screen Touch ID, Apple Card case, and Jaime at iOSDevUK 2019. We dig into the Apple iPhone event: Apple Arcade, TV+, iPad 10.2 inch, Apple Watch Series 5, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Apple Retail. We also discuss extending AppleCare+, new AirDrop in iPhone 11, Apple VR headset, new Home Pod features, and total TV subscriptions. Picks: Mohamed Ghebaji on Medium, try Combine, Apple Event in 2 Minutes, Microsoft the Musical, The difference between UK and US Mac keyboards.

  • Episode 264: Morgan Just Go!

    September 7th, 2019  |  1 hr 36 mins
    2020 ipad pro, a13, american history, apple glasses, apple pencil, apple socks, augmented reality, bbedit, caffeine, call silencing, chase sapphire visa, chick-fil-a, combine, dark mode, deep fake, ethan hunt, face id, facebook, fat secret, google daydream, google glasses, hamilton, hip hop, ios 13 beta, ios 13.1 beta 2, iphone 11 pro, ipv6, jesse squires, lose it, mac app store, macbook, mvc, notarization, nshipster, nutrition facts, pete townshend, popeye’s chicken, posix, property observer, red eye, sandbox, scanning electronic microscope, spam, spamalot, ssl, state, sting, structured light, swiftui, the last ship, the who, tile, time of flight, usb-c, vr, won’t get fooled again, wwdc

    We are joined by Alexis Gallagher as we follow up on an Apple Sock for the Apple Card. We also follow up on rumored iPhone 11 Pro rumors, the coating on the titanium Apple Card, and why you’re only getting 1% cash back. Facebook exposes 419 million phone numbers. Apple has released iOS 13.1 beta 2, so what does that mean for iOS 13? We discuss the rumored “Apple Glasses” and new tagging products. The new 2020 iPad Pro maybe adding 3D sensing rear cameras. Apple is temporarily relaxing notarization requirements. 2020 may also reveal a low-cost iPhone option. Alexis wonders about USB 4 and IPv6. Picks: Red Eye, SwiftTO on YouTube, Fat Secret.

  • Episode 263: What Is A Pro iPhone User?

    August 31st, 2019  |  1 hr 12 mins
    accessibilityuserinputlabel, allman brothers, android 10, apfs, apple card, apple tv+, apple watch, apr, atrial fibrillation, blade runner, catalina, core data, core simulators, dickensian, ekg, emily dickenson, equatable, fintech, global foundries, good boys, government mule, helper application, hydro, identifiable, ios 13.1, iphone 11 pro, iphone xr, iphone xs, jailbreak, kristina fox, logic pro x, magic the gathering, marshmallow, milos dunjic, mojave, monzo, n26, ns hipster, patents, patina, playstation, pride & prejudice and zombies, primary key, sean heber, september 10, simple, siri, standard library, the who, titanium, tom’s hardware, tsmc, twitterific, unique identifier, ups, v for vendetta, vichyssoise, voice control, warren haynes, woodstock nb, xbox, xcode, xcode beta 7

    This week we follow up on Hydro lines and the Apple Card APR. Google drops Android deserts. A short live jailbreak window, Apple TV+ shows early debuts. Apple Watch EKG feature saves a life. Apple apologies for Siri eavesdropping. We discuss Global Foundries patent challenge against TSMC. Rene Ritchie says everyone is wrong about the iPhone 11 Pro. Picks: Adopting Voice Control, Identifiable, Difficult to find bug. After show: Xcode vs macOS weirdness.

  • Episode 262: The Evil Geniuses Podcast

    August 25th, 2019  |  1 hr 11 mins
    2112, abby jackson, amygdala, anchorman, apple card, apple tv+, apple watch event, arbitrations, arcade, bitbucket, buckethead, c++, casey affleck, ceramic watch, chase, cinema strangiato, cocoa love, cocos2d, combine, cvs, denim, dropbox, duckduckgo, duckie, eliza, ghostery lite, git, goldman sacks, graham lee, home-brew, leather, linus torvalds, mac tv, mercurial, morning show, neil peart, netgear, news room, nickelback, no late fee, passes, paul hudson, paul rudd, pippin, powerline network, praxis, preforce, rubber duck, rush, sccs,, south park, spritekit, subversion, swift to, the evil geniuses club, this is halloween, trailer park boys, tubular bells, wallet, wcag, woodstock, xanadu

    We follow up on Woodstock's 50th anniversary, power line networking, semantic developers, and Domnio's appeal to the Supreme Court. Apple TV+ will launch in November with a free trial. Apple's Arcade gaming system will also debut with a free trial. The Apple Card has launched for all users in the US. New ceramic and titanium watches revealed in watchOS 6 beta. We discuss the cost of DropBox's use of common code for iOS and Android. We dig into Git version 2.23 highlights and Bitbucket sunsets Mercurial support. Picks: Duckie, 22 short tests of Combine – Part 1: Protocols, SwiftTO videos & photos.

  • Episode 261: Even Cowdogs Get the Blues

    August 17th, 2019  |  1 hr 16 mins
    60hz, abbey jackson, aberswift, advance placement, ap, apple card, arek dreyer, bitrise, black hat, bleeding edge, bloody mary, bonmot, bug bounty, caesar, caesar salad, capsaicin, catalyst by tutorials, ci/cd, clamato juice, coldplay, combine, combine by tutorials, copywrite, cpa, dave grohl, dave matthew band, everyone can code, faa, face id, frank corville, ghost pepper, github actions, habanero, ifixit, ios dev uk, iphone battery, jalapeno, jeff marlow, kalvin lau, kyle newsome, led zeppelin, localtalk, london, lyft, macbook pro battery, marin todorov, mfi, nickelback, nova scotia, nsnorth, objective-c, open doc, phonenet, quinton price, right to repair, samsung note 7, scott gardner, scoville, security, sriracha,, suica transit card, swift conference to, swift evolution, swiftui by tutorials, telus, the beatles, tim condon, trademark, twitter, usb cable, v8, wallet, worcestershire, x10, zev eisenburg

    We follow up on stopgap accessibility ramps, the 2nd top selling band in the US, CPAs, Clarus the Dogcow, meetings friends. colleagues and Fans of the Show at Swift Conference Toronto. We ask if Jaime has even tried a Canadian Caesar. We discuss Apple locking iPhone batteries, GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, Apple extends its bug bounty program to macOS and $1M. We talk in depth about the History of Clarus the Dogcow. Apple Wallet adds tap-to-use student ID, for food and dorm entry. The FAA bans recalled MacBook Pro 15s from flying. Apple provides special iPhone to security researchers. Also at Black Hat USA 2019, Face ID workarounds and Lightning cables give hackers access to Macs. Should you trademark your app name? Picks: Spicing Up Swift, CS principles in Swift, Combine 101, Combine Data Sources, Hacking Combine

  • Episode 260: Can't Fit a Pizza Through a Tube!

    August 10th, 2019  |  1 hr 21 mins
    1password, 360idev, 5th anniversary, ada, agilebits, apple card, bbc, bento, bill graham, bitbucket, bitcoin, bonnie raitt, calculus, caviar, claris, claris works, clarus the cow dog, cnbc, cpa, cryptocurrency, curtis herbert, cydia, david tennant, doctor who, dominos, facebook, filemaker pro, foil, gerrit, github enterprise, goldman sachs, gordon lightfoot, graham nash, grammerly, greg heo, grubhub, hyper card, indie devstock, ios 13, ipad, irs, jail breaking, jay freeman, jodi whittaker, joni mitchell, leonard cohen, macwrite, matt smith, microsoft works, mysql, neil young, notifications, nscoder, parliament funkadelic, paul beadey, pbs, php, pushkit, ritual, robby robertson, rush, screen printing, shirley eichart, simcoe day, slopes, south bay, swiftto, the fed, tragically hip, uber eats, voip, woodstock, youtube, zoom

    We celebrate our 5th anniversary as we record on August 7, 2019. Reminiscence and secrets revealed. The Apple Card starts to roll out to some users, along with new interest rates and some restrictions. Paul Beattie follows up with how to set up notifications on an iPad running iOS 13 beta. Apple's Filemaker is going back to the original Claris moniker. iOS 13 privacy policy will change logging in with Facebook. Dominos is appealing to the Supreme Court about accessibility rulings. Picks: 10 tips for reviewing code you don’t like, SwiftTO Conference. AfterShow: Who is the top Canadian recording artist

  • Episode 259: Crossing the Rubicon

    August 3rd, 2019  |  1 hr 2 mins
    addc, apple card, apple stock, applecare, auto playing, bindable object, combine, dark pattern, delaware, earnings, eps, fuad, george washington, github, gitlab, hey siri, hockey, homepod, infinite scrolling, julius caesar, michael keaton, netflix, objectwillchange, observedobject, pompey the great, prime day, project tango, rene cacheaux, ridley scott, rome, rubicon, siff, sirios, smart act, steve jobs, tiff, tim burton, time of flight, tps reports, trade sanctions, upgrade program

    We follow up on TIFF, siriOS, black turtlenecks, the Apple Card, and Apple's financial engineering. Apple investors shrug off sputtering iPhone sales. Apple will let you choose ‘bigger’ or ‘more’ app icons on your iPad’s home screen. Apple’s future iPhone might add a time-of-flight camera. GitHub restricts developer accounts under US sanctions. Proposed US law would ban infinite scroll, autoplaying video. Picks: ADDC 2019, Swift changes under Xcode 11/iOS13 beta 5.

  • Episode 258: No One's Going To Buy the Cow

    July 27th, 2019  |  1 hr 32 secs
    2010, afi, album cover album, american express, anluen o’brian, apollo, apollo xi, april 3, ars technica, bill nye, boot camp, brent spiner, brian cox, daniel steinburg, dark crystal, do the right thing, dr bose, easter eggs, ecg watch app, facebook, fanexpo 2019, far all mankind, fight the power, gps, grand theft auto, hacking with swift live, icloud backup, intel modem, ipad, ipad os, iphone os, james thompson, jeri ryan, jonathan kuehlein, malcolm gladwell, marget hamilton, messenger for kids, migration, motorola, no one’s gonna buy the cow…, opaque return type, parent, parental control, podcast, qualcomm, roger dean, rosie perez, rutger hauer, samuel jackson, scenedelegate, se/30, snoppy, spike lee, spockcast, spotify, star trek: picard, steve jobs, stranger things 3, stroyboards, stub hub, swiftui, the boys, the great pumpkin, the orville, tiff lightbox, tokyo olympics, tom tom, try, uihostcontroller, uiwindow, unspooled, walkie talkie, watchos 5.3, wtfu, xsan

    We follow up on UIHomeController, better StoryBoards with Xcode 11, a built-in error check in Go, Snoopy in Space, WatchOS ECG in Canada, and Facebook For Kids flaw. Generic Provisioning Profile certificates. Apple bankrolling podcasts. Apple to buy Intel's modem business. Apple releases iOS 12.4, watchOS 5.3, macOS 10.14.6. Apple releases update for old iPhones and iPads to fix GPS bug. Picks: WWDC19 Video Transcripts Now Available, The Swift Behind SwiftUI, and An Illustrated History of Easter Eggs

  • Episode 257: Best of MTJC: LIVE from the WWDC 2019 Podcast Studio

    July 20th, 2019  |  48 mins 31 secs
    @binding, altconf, arkit 3, callbacks, carthage, classkit, closures, coacopods, collectionview, combine, declarative, diffable, domain specific language, flutter, force touch, homeviewcontroller, interface builder, ipados, ipod touch, john gruber, kvo, llvm, macintosh manual, minecraft, moon boots, nsnotifinaction, objective c, ocr, oslog, pixar, platform unification, reality composer, ricky mondello, schoolbook, sfsymbols, sign in with apple, smalltalk, swift evolution, swift package manager, swift playground, swiftui, testflight feedback, toplogy eyewear, transporter, tryswift, ulysses, voice dream language, watch, winston chen

    We are joined by Alexis Gallagher and Ricky de Laveaga in the Podcast Studio at WWDC 2019 McEnery Convention Center. Recorded at 11 am Friday June 7, 2019. We fact check on Bobby Orr and the approximate number of active iOS developers. #askMTJC has Namrata Bandekar responding to joining start ups, as well the pronunciation of Dave Verwer IRL. We discuss our impressions of WWDC 2019 — SwiftUI, declarative programing, Combine framework, ARKit 3, Reality Composer, Swift Playgrounds 3, Swift Package Manager, stand alone Watch apps, iPadOS, TestFlight Feedback, Transporter, and Sign In With Apple. Picks: Performance, Pencil Support, Optimizing File Storage, DataFlow for SwiftUI, Combine in Practice, Sign In With Apple, Voice Dream Scanner, ClassKit, What's New In Swift, try! Swift, AltConf.