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MTJC podcast is a show about mobile development. Each week Jaime Lopez, Mark Rubin (sometimes Greg Heo and Tammy Coron) and myself, Tim Mitra, will convene from across the continent to discuss iOS and Mac development. We discuss current issues to find out what developers are talking about, what their apps are about, what they are using to create their apps and what advice they have for other developers (or those looking to become one). We also have news, notes and tech tips for developers.

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  • Episode 323: Await Silicon MagSafe

    January 23rd, 2021  |  1 hr 18 mins
    45 rpm, app library, apple silicon, async await, badges, car play, completion handler, concurrency, corelleum, dante’s inferno, gen z, general hospital, hockeyapp, infinite loop, instacart, ios dev happy hour, linux, mac apps, macbook pro, maceffects, macworld, magsafe, malbogue, mchenry, notarize, nscodersto, parking, pico projector, pioneer, reagan, rosetta 2, samsung, santa barbara, santa clara, se/30, spockcast, swift, swiftui jam, test flight, touchbar, uber, ubuntu, unroll thread, wwdc, zvon

    We fact check iPad storage and WWDC security. Follow up tackles App Library, and CarPlay wireless receivers. We discuss publishing Mac apps inside and outside the Mac App Store. Experimenting with Swift async and await pattern using Xcode. Uber’s near disaster jumping onto Swift in the early days (spoilers, without doing due diligence.) MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and iPhone Rumors, Best of CES 2021. Picks: Linux on M1, Tips and Tricks to Set Up Your Apple M1 for Development, KFC Mascot Col. Sanders Talks Malbolge Programming on General Hospital, SwiftUI Jam, iOS Dev Happy Hour, MacEffects Custom CLEAR Case for Apple Macintosh Mac SE & SE/30.

  • Episode 322: 2020 Hindsight

    January 2nd, 2021  |  1 hr 43 mins
    360 idev online, air pods max, app library, apple car, apple one, apple silicon, apple watch, bang & olufsen, big sur, bluetooth, burrito, ces, chinese flash, covid, dog fooding, duolingo, e3, elon musk, epic, family, festival, game center, gameplaykit, gaming frameworks, gdc, hazel, ios 14.3, ipados, iphone 12 pro, lidar, lyft, m1, main(), metro, ming chi kwo, mkb hd, ocr, paper by 53, platform state of the union, ramones, scribble, sidebar, splitviewcontroller, steven’s creek, stump 360, swiftui, tammy, tammy coron, tesla, tom morello, tracking, uber, usdz, vaccine, watch parties, waterfield designs, widgets, wwdc keynote, xbox controller, zip car

    We follow up on the iPhone X ship date and whether B&O has a less expensive headphone than the Air Pods Max. Developers are already seeing the benefits of the App Store Small Business program. Apple Car could be coming in 2025. The Xbox Series X controller seems to be incompatible with Mac and iOS devices. We take a look back on 2020 and the Apple news; Apple One, Air Pods Max, Epic lawsuit, Apple Silicon, SwiftUI apps, LiDAR, App Library, Widgets, Applets, Sidebar, Scribble, Tracking, Big Sur, WWDC Online, iPhone 12 series, and more. Picks: Apple Watch leak offers rare glimpse inside ‘Ultra security program’, Hazel, SwiftUI Layout Explained, Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies, Apple updated SwiftUI tutorials.

  • Episode 321: Generate Memberwise Initializer

    December 12th, 2020  |  1 hr 15 mins
    airpods max, apple fitness +, apple one, apple tv remote, apple tv+, apple watch se, autocomplete, aws, b&o, beats, cloudkit, co-lo, control center, core data, ec2 mac, edgar rice burroughs, elago, fastlane, felix krause, fixit, for all mankind, frameit, imagemagick, inside macintosh, james dempsey, john carter, m1, mac mini, maple syrup, mdr 7506, paul hudson, ron wayne, rosetta 2, screenit, silicone, sk hynix, snes, spell checking, sudo, swift version, touch id, u1, uitesting, warranty, xcode, xcode 12.3, zero click

    We fact check M1 RAM, and Photoshop on Rosetta2. AskMTJC brings us Story of third Apple founder, Maple spirits, and CloudKit on NSPersistentCloudKitContainer. Use Amazon EC2 Mac Instances to Build & Test macOS, iOS, ipadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps. Apple Fitness Plus will launch on December 14th. Family Setup on Apple Watch is coming to Canada. Xcode 12.3 RC available. iPhone zero-click Wi-Fi exploit is one of the most breathtaking hacks ever. Apple announces $549 AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones, coming December 15th. No U1 chip in AirPods Max. More Apple Silicon leaks. Picks: Fastlane for App Screenshots, James Dempsey made Swift Version for quick reference, 9 Xcode Tips by Paul Hudson, Quick Tip: Enable Touch ID for sudo, Elago Classic Mac Apple Watch charging stands. After Show: App development as Lego.

  • Episode 320: A Lead Pipe to the Kneecaps

    November 28th, 2020  |  1 hr 38 mins
    5 nanometer, a lead pipe to the kneecaps, app store, apple silicon, bill atkinson, boot camp, commission, createinstallmedia, cryptocurrency, disktop, duns, epic, firestrom core, flipboard, fortnite, geekbench, hazel, hig, icestorm core, intel, internet recovery, ipad, iphone 12 mini, iphone 12 pro mac, juiced, m1, macbook air m1, macbook pro 13 m1, macbook pro 14, macbook pro 16, macpaint, magic keyboard, multifinder, network framework, paul hagerty, readonly friday, recovery partition, rosetta 2, secure enclave, sf symbols, simply accounting, small business, soc, system 6, t2, the register, vmware, windows, wwdc video

    We discuss the update design resources for Big Sur and iOS 14. We dissect the App Store Small Business Program. Now that M1 Macs are in the wild we debate the differences and performance. How to reinstall macOS on M1. Redesigned MacBooks With Apple Silicon to Launch in Second Half of 2021. Picks: BizHUB Pro USB-C Multiport Professional Adapter, UltraHUB - USB-C Multiport HDMI Macbook Pro Adapter, 6 in 1 USB-C Macbook Pro Adapter, Life-Line USB-C Cable Combo, Check M1 compatibility for all your Mac apps with this free open source tool, Is Apple Silicon ready? Ready for Big Sur: Introducing 1Password 7.7 for Mac, Is It Read-Only Friday?

    Photo; Apple Inc.

  • Episode 319: M1 - Now How Much Would You Pay?

    November 14th, 2020  |  1 hr 17 mins
    3d touch, 5g, air play 2, american standard, apple one, apple silicon, big sur, broadcast, cs193p, don’t cares, dsotm, dtk, fireside, google syndication, home kit, home pod mini, iphone 12, iphone 12 mini, iphone 12 pro, iphone 6 plus, john hodgeman, justin long, long press, m1, macbook air, macbook pro 13, magsafe, mobile me, nutrition information, precise location, privacy, product red, quadrophonic, reflog, release candidate, roku, solo braided loop, swift, swiftui, system preferences, tempasure, trane, ultrawide band, windows

    We discuss non-3D Touch errors. Are web sites downloading to your mac? Transition to Apple One with your choice of Apple ID. Apple Privacy questions coming soon. Roku rolling out Apple’s AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. - Introducing Swift on Windows. iPhone 11 Pro max next to iPhone 12 pro max screen size difference. Apple Launches 'iPhone 12 Studio' for Mixing and Matching MagSafe Cases and Wallets. 5G, which kind? Identify your iPhone model. The Apple Event for Apple Silicon Macs. Apple’s M1 chip fastest laptop CPU in the world, says independent analysis. Apple Silicon M1 Chip in MacBook Air Outperforms High-End 16-Inch MacBook Pro. macOS Big Sur RC. Picks: The untold history of macOS System Preferences. Complete 66 Mac vs PC ads. CS193p Developing Apps for iOS. Gosh Darn SwiftUI. How to undo (almost) anything with Git.

  • Episode 318: Best of MTJC: Valyrian Steel & Dragon Glass on the Back

    October 27th, 2020  |  1 hr 59 mins
    airpower, alan pike, apple tv 4k, apple watch lte, apple watch series 3, applecare+, hig, human interface guidelines, iphone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone x, notch, qi, swift, swift 4, swift programming, teacher's tuesday

    We dive into #askMTJC about whether the iPhone X layout will mean changes for developers. We follow up on HDR video. We briefly cover the information leak ahead of the Apple Event. We discuss Apple's Steve Jobs Theater which held the event. We cover the items demonstrated and unveiled - Retail events, Apple Watch Series 3 w/LTE, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X, and AirPower. Picks: iOS Human Interface Guidelines (Updated for iPhone X), Building Apps for iPhone X - Fall 2017, Swift Programming Language book (updated for Swift 4).

    Recorded: September 13th, 2017

  • Episode 317: Best of MTJC: Test Backed Development

    September 27th, 2020  |  1 hr 22 mins
    1password, a12 processor, acoustic coupler, alibaba, amazon, amd, android wear, angstrom, app: the human story, apple key, apple music, apple park, apple watch, assistant editor, astropad, berkley, brent simmonds, buddy build, charcoal, chris wagner, clifford stoll, cmd shift j, cobra kai, command key, conte, ctrl opt g, cube, dark matter, de enza, firefly, foundation, gdpr, google, home pod, homestead, infinity loop, intel, interpol, jonathan kuehlein, kim alberg, laurel, microns, modem, montage, motorola, nanometer, omni, option click, paper by 53, pencil, podcast, project navigator, quartz, river, rwdevcon, saskatchewan, serenity, siemens, skytrain, southpark, space channel, standard editor, starlost, stuxnet, susan kare, symantec, t shirts, tacow, test backed development, the expanse, topology eyewear, tulip, usatoday, wolfe, workflow, wwdc, xcode, youtube red

    This week we follow up on MTJC 2018 T-Shirts and the origins of Apple's Command Key. We also follow up on the Apple Store founders, Apple's GDPR profile downloads, Apple Watch usage and Apple's self driving cars. We discuss the Home Pod sales numbers, erroneous new Siri features, and a sophisticate worm virus and one of the first Internet hackers. We also chat about Apple's own podcasts and their use of original illustrations on the App Store. Picks: A handy Xcode keyboard shortcut to the Assistant Editor and App: the Human Story, Developing UIViews in Xcode Playgrounds and 1Password 7.

    Photo: Tim Mitra
    Originally broadcast: May 26th, 2018

  • Episode 316: One Bundle To Rule Them All

    September 20th, 2020  |  1 hr 31 mins
    a14x, ab testing, altimeter, angstrom, app store, appkit, apple tv+, appleone, arm, blood oxygen, catalyst, core data, epic, fitness+, floppies, fortnite, fruta, geofence, guidlines, ios 14, ipad, ipad air, iphone 12 plus, kilobytes, la crosse, mac user group, macbook air, macos, news+, nvidia, pete steinberger, pulse oximetry, safari, softbank, solo loop, swiftui, ted lasso, tennis, touch id, uoft, watch se, watch series 6, wta, xcode 12 gm

    We fact check 3.5inch floppy sizes. Nvidia buying ARM for $40B. App Store Review Guideline updates now available. Apple Insider Confirms New iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Releases. Apple Is About To Leave Your MacBook Air Behind. The State of SwiftUI. We cover the 9/15 Apple Event. Apple developers are scrambling over accelerated iOS 14 release. Picks: iOS 14 widgets you can try today.Core Data in SwiftUI.

  • Episode 315: For the Good of the User

    September 12th, 2020  |  1 hr 16 mins

    We follow up on iOS 14 privacy and Facebook leads the resistance. Also the floppy of the future. Apple shares a look inside its first ever ‘floating’ store. Yubico’s new USB-C security key with NFC could be the one key to unlock them all. Apple’s next event is on September 15 and it's special Easter egg. Rambo's Turning the ChibiStudio canvas into an App Clip for iOS 14. Picks: Xcode scheme tip. The Invisible Dock. NSSpain 2020: Remote Edition. Quick Look Gallery - Augmented Reality.

  • Episode 314: More Bang

    September 6th, 2020  |  1 hr 4 mins
    !hws, .mac, adafruit, app annie, apple stock, apple tv, apple watch series 6, arcade, ardunio, arm cortex m7, auto renewable, battle royal, chinese cards, deeplink, embed xcode, eworld, fedex, free trail, fry’s, gaming, health app, hello to bangs, homepod, hotmail, human centipad, ilife, iphone 12, limited time, malware,, mobileme, notarization, offer codes, puzzle, rasberry pi, rejection, rpg, shield, splunk, stapler, subscriptions, swifter, universal links, url schemes, usps, workout

    We fact check Apple's stock if it had never split. FoS Joe Cabrera offers the inside view of FedEx driver tracking. Apple is preparing 75 million iPhone 12 for release. App Store appeals process is now live. Get ready for subscription offer codes. Apple is still trying to erase email addresses. Game IQ is a taxonomy to help publishers understand mobile game categories. Apple approves notorious malware to run on Macs. Picks: How to test deep links with UI Testing. How to manually add workout data to the Health app on your iPhone. World-first circuit board with Swift. Use !hws in DuckDuckGo.

  • Episode 313: The Art of Compromise

    August 29th, 2020  |  1 hr 31 mins
    @available, adobe, airpower, amazon prime, app store, attics, benefit of the doubt, beringer, berkshire hathaway, bezier curve, blade runner 2049, bobby hull, campfire, carbon fiber, core data, deprecated, dhl, dispatch work items, dr theresa tam, epic, facebook, faceid, fedex, gcd, grateful dead, hyperwall, idfa, iphone 12, iphone xr, john mcenroe, jon prosser, le rondelle, lidar, lightroom, managed object model directory, manipulating, mintegral sdk, misleading, mom, momd, nhl, nikon flim scanner, nsoperations, observableobject, observedobject, oleg begeman, persistence container, persistence controller, picker, puck, ring doorbell, seattle kracken, setapp, shipping, smapsoft, sourmint, steve jobs, streaming, swiftui, swiftui beta, taper ticket, the art of compromise, tim cook, ups, usb b micro, usb-c, wwdc

    We fact check on SwiftUI's Core Data template, Dr Thereasa Tam, and how Tim triggered Siri. In askMTJC Georg Tuparev opines on Operations and we discuss Attic App's developer account cancellation. The the follow up we cover Setapp for iOS, Lightroom iOS App Update Deleted User Photos, and Apple discounted the fee to connect to Amazon Prime on Apple TV. An AirPower prototype teardown and iPhone 12 rumor roundup is covered. SwiftUI betas - what changed before 1.0. SourMint: malicious code, ad fraud, and data leak in iOS. How We’re Preparing Businesses for the Impact of iOS 14. Picks: Bezier curves, WWDC Hyperwall 2010, HyperTable 2012, Apple is Better Without Jobs, marking workarounds as deprecated.

  • Episode 312: Epic Blast Radius

    August 22nd, 2020  |  1 hr 35 mins
    1password, 24 hour wallpaper, 360idev, aerial, amazon, annotated tag, appfigures, apple, apple one, apple pencil, applecare +, arial michaeli, attestation, aws, ballet, bitwarden, bundle, cable service, change shortage, cherry pick, combi, commit, core data, dashlane, deadlock, denver, disclosure group, dr tam, dynamic desktop, epic, facemasks, fireside chat, fortnite, gdpr, geiger counter, git, google pixel, google play, hell chromacom, ipod, jay freeman, joe cieplinski, john wilker, josh michaels, knoll, lastpass, lazyvstack, locate x, machine learning, man in the middle, meetup, mobile knott, nordpass, nscoders, pasword managers, paul hudson, pixel, private key, release notes, remembear, russell kirsch, scitex, scribble, secret service, setapp, slack, social distancing, sticker mule, subscriptions, swiftto, swiftui, tammy coron, tensorflow, thumb drive, tito, unreal, write the docs toronto, wwdc, xcode 12.5 beta, zoom

    We fact check phone exchanges, Hell Chromacom, and Russell Kirsch. In the follow up App Attestation API, Apple Removes Fortnite From App Store, Testing Scribble on iPad with Apple Pencil in iPadOS 14, Secret Service Bought Phone Location Data, Core Data is back, and top-secret iPod. Apple to Launch Bundled Subscription Services Called 'Apple One'. You've only added two lines - why did that take two days! Picks: 360iDev 2020, SwiftTO Conference 2020, The Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life, Amazon making online machine learning courses available for free, Aerial Mac Screensaver, 24 Hour Wallpaper.

  • Episode 311: A Big Long Wire

    August 16th, 2020  |  1 hr 33 secs
    app store, apple arcade, apple game frameworks, asynchronous, attest api, big sur public beta, cabbage town, collisions, concurrency, dispatchqueue, facebook portal, fitbit, fizz buzz, gameplay kit, gaming, gcd, google maps, google stadia, loblaws, localization, mac pro wheels, microsoft teams, nemo, notification center, nsoperations, owc, paper by 53, physics, piggly wiggly, plurals, qualcomm, queen’s park, race condition, russian, safeway,, scribble, spritekit, tammy coron, threading, watchos 7 public beta, wearos, xcloud,, собака

    We missed the 6th anniversary of the show! This week we fact check early phone exchanges. In the follow up Apple rolls out Big Sur Public Beta. Third party Mac Pro wheels. Apple's watchOS Public Beta. Google reintroduces Maps on Apple Watch. Verify your app’s integrity with the new App Attest API. Decoding Apple’s Statement to Business Insider Regarding Xbox Game Pass. iOS Interview Questions and Answers for Senior Developers Part 4 - Concurrency. Picks: New beta book - Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies: Build 2D Games with SpriteKit & Swift, Scribble on iPadOS, Plurals Localized in iOS.

  • Episode 310: So It Must Be True

    August 9th, 2020  |  1 hr 34 mins
    120hz, 1password, 360 idev, 548, alan cross, apple, apple gift card, apple silicon, apple store, apple store badge, appletalk, automater, bitcoin, citizen band, cold wallet, compuserve, core data, covid alert, derived data, disk warrior, drobo, forecast, fusion drive, greg joswiak, handle, imac 27inch, ipad, ipad pro, iphone xr, isight camera, jack henry, jeff bezos, las vegas golden knights, lidar, macbook air superdrive, maccatalyst, maker fair, marc andre fluery, mark stone, mobile notts, murder, nano texture, nhl, nottingham, nstoolbar, parallelogram, persistence container, phil schiller, pod, powerbook g4, preprocesser directive, quicktime, rhombus, shawn marsden, shot on iphone, spockcast, star trek lower decks, twitter hack, xserve

    We fact check on 548 and the height of the iPhone 5. In the follow up Apple confirms that new iPhones models won't arrive in September. Apple has a record breaking third quarter on Mac and iPad sales. Apple introduces "Everything Apple" gift card. iPhone 12 prices leaked and iOS 14 beta reveals a 5.4 inch iPhone 12. 1Password roles out on Linux. Tim reviews the MacCatalyst Tutorial. Canada's Covid Alert app is out on Android and iOS. In the main show we cover Grouping Array Elements With Dictionary. Apple introduces a new Intel iMac 27 inch. Setting up a Core Data store for unit tests. Apple replaces longtime marketing chief Phill Schiller. Picks: Apple Store badges are back with Memoji. Deleting Derived Data with Automator. Fleury, Stone join forces to shoot Apple ad on iPhone 11 Pro. Fun: Footage taken in an Apple Store back in 2003 looks…weird. Forecast: A must-have tool for Mac podcasters.

  • Episode 309: Man Bites Dog

    August 1st, 2020  |  1 hr 16 mins
    accessibility, ada, anti-trust, aoda, apfs, app store, apple, becoming steve jobs, bevan, cdr, chloe g k atkins, congress, curb cuts, electron, epic, exposure notification, fortnite, foxcon india, google play, hfs+, ikea place, ipad pro, iphone 6, john sundell, launchscreen, lidar, lyft, mac catalyst, macbook air superdrive, macintosh.js, made in india, magic keyboard, magicplan, mini vmac, objective-c++, photosui, placeholder, playstation, redaction, rocketsim, roundabout creative chaos, slack, subscriptions, uber, uiimagepickercontroller, us election, xbox

    We fact check Spamassassin and the end of iPhone 6 support in iOS. The the follow up Apple will give employees paid leave to vote in the Federal Election. Exposure Notification - Apple Developer. iPhone 11 Now Being Manufactured at Foxconn Plant in India. Disabled Lives Matter. Apple targeted by multi-state probe led by Texas AG alleging deceptive trade practices. Epic CEO calls out Apple, Google app store practices ahead of antitrust hearing. Generating automatic placeholders for SwiftUI views. Hands on 2020 iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard first impressions. Can’t read HFS, HFS+ CDs & CDRs on Catalina. Picks: Mac Catalyst Tutorials, Launch screens in Xcode: All the options explained, macintosh.js.

  • Episode 308: Big Sur: The Answer Is Yes

    July 25th, 2020  |  1 hr 21 mins
    air pods pro, apple corp, apple style guide, babylon 5, bha, big sur, bill mumy, black jack, break a leg, calenderly, carl sagan, climate pledge, coding terminology, cork, craps, crown & anchor, crusade, dark fate, duckduckgo, emoji, execution time, filepath, ghosterly, git fork, git help tutorial, glossary, greyhound, head coverings, headphones, holly hill, ios 14, iphone 5c, iphone 9, ipod, ireland, jamf, john reid, jumanji, key bank, kraken, los vegas, lost in space, main, memoji, mlb, noninclusive, old guard, over the ear, patently apple, security research device, sosumi, sprint, srd, stag, swift lifecycle, taxhalwk, texas hold’em, the answer is yes, the beatles, tim cook, trinder, unit testing, upstream, urlsessionwebsockettask, verizon, will robinson, xcode 12, xctissue

    We fact check on Babylon 5's Crusade, Apple's Hollyhill factory in Cork, and Sosumi. In follow up we discuss "break a leg", Apple's updates to coding terminology and Memoji head coverings. Apple over-ear headphones may use gesture controls with ‘rotation detection’. Big Sur is both 10.16 and 11.0 – it’s official. Apple Security Research Device Program. Introducing Swift Service Lifecycle. WWDC20: What’s New in Unit Testing. Picks: iPhone Specs Matrix 1.1 with iOS 14 compatibility, From master to main, git help tutorial, URLSessionWebSocketTask