Mike Vinakmens

Special guest

Mike is our voice over guy and yes, he'd love to do some voice over work for you.

Hailing from the metropolis of Kitchener, Ontario, Mike headed to Ottawa to grab a Psych degree. While looking for some kind of practical use for a Psych degree, he enrolled in the post-grad copywriting program at Humber College. Upon graduation, Mike immediately began his career as a suit. And for five years, he wore his fancy suit to meetings at Bates Canada, Cossette and Maclaren McCann.

Then something happened.

Mike wanted his pencils back. So he burned his suit and started from scratch. Writing for smaller clients at first. A little spec. Some B-to-B. A freelance gig in Greece. Slowly but surely, Mike found his voice (pencils) again. And he misses not his suit.

Mike Vinakmens has been a guest on 24 episodes.