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Episode Archive

362 episodes of More Than Just Code podcast - iOS and Swift development, news and advice since the first episode, which aired on August 6th, 2014.

  • Episode 362: Stewart Lynch, The Swift Professor

    May 5th, 2023  |  1 hr 18 mins
    al jaffee, bootcamp, boz scags, cad/cam, cbc, chatgpt, chevy bolt, chicago, cormoran strike, emerson, ev, expo 86, first class, ford, georgia straight, hawaii, indiepocalypse, joe nesbo, kelowna, keypaths, kodeco, lake & palmer, lions gate, low down, maui, opentext, paul hudson, rad, robert galbraith, samatoka, sean allen, self directed, skytrain, soft arc, spark, stanley park, synclavier, vancouver, youtube

    This week Tim sits down with Stewart Lynch to talk about his video teaching Swift coding. Steve has had a long career teaching computers in education, professional software applications and now in his own video series.

  • Episode 361: WWDC San Jose Travel Advice, Best of MTJC

    April 23rd, 2023  |  11 mins 8 secs
    san jose, wwdc, wwdc 2023, wwdc23

    We chatted about WWDC San Jose back in 2018. Here's a replay of Greg's experience at WWDC 2017. Mark gives some advice about traveling to San Jose. This year Mark is an attending WWDC 2023. Come say "Hi", take a selfie with Mark and get some MTJC swag. (Unofficially, Greg might be lurking around as well)

  • Episode 360: The Curious Case of Daniel Steinberg

    April 14th, 2023  |  1 hr 4 mins
    8 out of 10 cats, actor model, async await, behind the scenes with threads, breakpoints, canvas, carl hewet, chicago, cocoaconf, eric meijer, erica sadun, gordon lee, guy kawasaki, infinite monkey cage, ipad, james dempsey, jim wyrick, matt smith, non copiable value types, objective-c, paul hudson, pragmatic programmers, sal salghoian, san jose, steven fry, swift, threads, top 40, trailing closure syntax

    This week Tim sits down with Daniel Steinberg to talk about his work, teaching, and his new book The Curious Case of the Async Cafe. The book explores Swift concurrency. They also discuss Daniel's experience as a broadcast radio host, his upcoming Top 40 format app, has his thoughts on WWDC 2023.

  • Episode 359: WWDC 2023 Lottery

    April 7th, 2023  |  1 hr 44 mins
    1password, a11, adobe, advanced data protection, affirm, apple pay, apple pay peter, ar, arkit, async await, async cafe, async sequence, author, big mountain studio, bitcoin, cabel sasser, chase center, chatgpt, chin, code highlighting, combine, core data, covid, daniel steinberg, deeplinking, eric clapton, fizz buzz, golden state warriors, google glass, hide my email, holo lens, icloud keychain, ios 17, ipados, iphone x, james gunn, keynote, legacy contact, molly tuttle, navigationstack, nspredicate, passkeys, paula abdul, peter gabriel, pin code, ricky mondello, robert smith, sap center, seatgeek, seconds out, shakti, south korea, spockcast, steve hackett, stubhub, swift playgrounds, swiftui, taylor swift, the cure, ticketmaster, toronto, trailing closure syntax, universal control, verification, wwdc lottery, wwdc23

    This week Jaime, Mark and Tim discuss the WWDC 2023 Lottery and what we expect to see at the June 5 WWDC 23 Keynote. The Bitcoin Whitepaper Is Hidden in Every Modern Copy of macOS. Should you enable Apple's Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. Apple Pay is now available in South Korea. Apple introduces Apple Pay Later. Apple Passwords Deserve An App. Ability to change iCloud password with only user’s PIN code. Our WWDC 2023 predictions and wish list. iOS 17 Rumored to Drop Support for iPhone X, First-Generation iPad Pro, and More. Picks: 30th Anniversary Mac icons, Awesome newsletters for iOS and Swift developers in 2022, Visually learn Core Data in SwiftUI picture book, Understanding Swift Trailing Closure Syntax, Become A SwiftUI Navigation Pro, Syntax Color - How and why I present code the way I do.

  • Episode 358: Mark Moeykens - Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI

    March 11th, 2023  |  1 hr 29 mins
    android studio, benefit meaning, big mountain studios, brainjo, chatgpt, concepts, core data, crud, dave werver, dev mountain, feature, games, guy richie, jet brains, kodeco, lara boyd, lock, microsoft edge, neuroplasticity, patreon, podium, prompt engineering, return rates, sean allen, snatch, sprint review, stock and two smoking barrels, swiftui views, tdd, utah, vermont

    This week Tim sits down with Mark Moeykens of Big Mountain Studios. We discuss his unique visual guides to mastering SwiftUI, using ChatGPT and AI to read Apple's documentation, and Mark's upcoming book Core Data Mastery in SwiftUI

  • Episode 357: Malin Sundberg & Kai Dombrowski

    February 17th, 2023  |  1 hr 45 mins
    arctic circle, ash furrow, auto layout, borje salming, core coffee, core data, deep dish swift, eddie izzard, facebook, greg heo, kodeco, localization, mac app store, mercury weather, objective-c, orbit, perth, playgrounds, stockholm, sweden, swiftui, umeå university

    This week Tim sits down with Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski, founders of Triple Glazed Studios, makers of Orbit: Time Based Inventory for macOS and iOS as well as makers of the Mercury Weather app. We discuss starting with Swift and publishing apps in SwiftUI, crashing into snow banks, under the edge of the Arctic Circle, all without having seen a single Star Wars movie (until recently)

  • Episode 356: Leo Dion

    January 31st, 2023  |  1 hr 18 mins
    360 idev, 360 stump, amiga, ash furrow, celine dion, deep dish swift, dionne quintuplets, disk doubler, eggs benedict, facebook, floppy disk, grace hopper, healthkit, hearttwitch, indiana jones, ipad, jay freeman, lansing michigan, lzw compression, marcel dionne, mark german, mastodon, mini vmac, myspace, objective-c, patch, punch card, raiders of the last arc, scsi, server side swift, swift to, temple of doom, twitter, unique ability, univac, vapor, virtualization

    This week Leo Dion joins Tim to discuss his career as Server-Side Swift developer, speaker and podcaster. They discuss some computer and development history, the future of Twitter, as well as, the upcoming Reality Pro AR/VR headset rumoured to be coming from Apple. Leo makes gets an early start on the best sandwich.

  • Episode 355: MTJC Max Pro Ultra

    January 21st, 2023  |  1 hr 41 mins
    1password, adobe illustrator 88, bitrise, bugsnag, chatgpt, console, dsotm, eric clapton, faces, figma, homepod, jan hammer, jeff beck, johnny depp, keynote, kraken, liquid retina xdr, m2 max, m2 pro, mac mini m1, macbook pro 14 m2 pro, macbook pro 16 m2 pro, matter, maybe i’m amazed, melody gardot, mixpanel, mobsf, natural language processing, neural engine, newer technology, optimizly, owasp, owc, quadrophonic, rob napier, runway, sketch, slack, stable diffusion, static analysis, swiftui, tears in heaven, testrail, the last of us, truth, tunein radio, xbb 1.5, xcode cloud

    This week we discuss the new M2 Max, M2 Pro and Mac mini, MacBook Pros 14 & 16. We follow up on Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT and updated Apple Design Resources. We also cover augmenting accessibility with localized image names and the 2nd generation HomePod. In our Picks; Improving Console Output, SwiftUI Views Life Cycle, SwiftUI 4 adds tap location, DIY iOS Static Analysis,, Getting Started with Xcode Cloud, and How to professionally say...

  • Episode 354: What Did You Think Was Going To Happen !? - George Stroumboulopoulos

    December 10th, 2022  |  52 mins 9 secs
    assorted, blt, burning man, burrito, canadian club, cbc, cochela, discord, harley, hockey night in canada, house of strombo, instagram, jean beliveau, lebanon, linkedin, malton, mastodon, mr sub, myspace, rick vaive, rogers, slack, testflight, the hour, the strombo show, tiff, tupac, twitter, vegan, world food program

    This week George Stroumboulopoulos joins Tim to catch up on The Strombo Show, Mastodon, social media and the best submarine sandwich.
    Apple announces biggest upgrade to App Store pricing, adding 700 new price points
    Stable Diffusion with Core ML on Apple Silicon
    Apple Announces Upcoming Apple Music Sing Feature
    Apple advances user security with powerful new data protections
    Data Tile
    Coduo lets you share and collaborate in Xcode

  • Episode 353: Moving to Mastodon

    November 30th, 2022  |  27 mins 25 secs

    This week Tim discusses resources for moving to Mastodon
    How to Mastodon - The New Social Media
    A futuristic guide to Mastodon for 2021
    The iPad Mystery. New Episode: Food Fight Strategy
    Results Are In – State of Mobile Jobs Survey 2022!
    ActionButton documentation
    36 Seconds that changed Everything - How the iPhone Learned to Talk
    How to Use iCloud Keychain Two-Factor Authentication
    31 Xcode 14 Tips & Tricks
    Core Data: Fundamentals
    NY Swifty
    Deep Dish Swift

  • Episode 352: A Little Less Janeway

    November 20th, 2022  |  1 hr 42 mins
    abc family, abc tv, aldani, american pie, andor, angela basset, apple, bernie taupin, billy campbell, black panther, cfl, chakotay, diego luna, disney+, enterprise, ferrix, freeform, harry potter, hulu, j. k. rowling, janeway, jason biggs, jenkum pog, kevin conroy, latitia wright, manifesto, marvel, mls, mon mothma, mythic quest, namor, nba, okuna, pedro pascal, peripheral, picard, progeny, ralph fiennes, rhaenyra, rick & morty, rockteman, sounders, station eleven, tenoch huerta mejía, the crown, the diviner, the meg, tony gilroy, uss dauntless, voldemort, william shatner, wonderful world of color, zero, zindy

    Enjoy this preview of SpockCast S05E09 A Little Less Janeway

    This week we review Star Trek: Prodigy S01E14 Crossroads and Andor S01E11 Daughter of Ferrix.

  • Episode 351: This Is Nothing...

    October 22nd, 2022  |  1 hr 39 mins
    32 pin, a14, adaptability, affinity publisher, airpower, android, apple card, apple pencil 2, apple pencil hover, apple tv+, apy, aqua, auto-update, bell fibe tv, beos, biometrics, black pixel, bluetooth, bs-o-matic, classroom kit, cmd shift d, comcast, copland, deep purple, defaults, desktop, dynamic island, elon musk, european union, function keys, geoff hackworth, goldman sachs, hdr10e, home pod, icloud, internet explorer, ipad, ipad 3, ipad os 16, ipad pro, iphone 14 pro, iphone se, keychain, lightning, linkedin, liquid retina, liquid retina xdr, m2, mac os 8, macos ventura, magic keyboard, magic keyboard folio, mark german, mini-led, ms surface, octane x, paybright, qi, roku, safe area, samsung, scquemorphic, sherlock, size classes, smart connector, square cash, stage manager, system 7, thunderbolt 4, tiktok, touch id, treasury bonds, twitter, usb-c, wf-fi 6, wi-fi 6e

    This week we follow up on iPhone 14 series screen sizes. We debate the EU's future standardization of USB-C for all mobile devices and Apple Card's new high yield Savings accounts. We dig into to the newly introduced Apple TV 4K (3rd Gen), the new iPad (10th Gen) with Magic Keyboard Folio, and the new iPad Pro (6th Gen) series with M2 and Mini-LED (sort of). Picks: macOS defaults, Apple Aqua: Exploring the Legacy Of MacOS X User Interface, iOS Architecture Generator.

  • Episode 350: Far Out Man!

    September 10th, 2022  |  2 hrs 8 mins
    48 mp quad pixel, 4nm, action button, adam savage, air pods pro, angstrom, apple card, apple watch series 8, apple watch ultra, blue jays, chris hadfield, cmd opt r, cobblestone, concurrency, corbeling, crash detection, cycle tracking, deep purple, display engine, dynamic island, emergency satellite sos, en13319, esim, essential swiftui, friday night baseball, gaelic, garmin, geosynchronous orbit, guinness, heineken, high dynamic range, if let, ios 16, ipad os, iphone 14, iphone 14 pro, island edge, james dempsey, jamie heinemann, knowth, lower power mode, murphy’s, myth busters, mythic quest, nanometer, neolithic, neural engine, newgrange, noise cancelling, orchard, ovulation, paul hudson, paybrite, photonic engine, pro raw, pro res video, regex, rexum, rob mcelhenney, ryan reynolds, self repair, st james gate, stage manager, steve lipton, swift 5.7, swift playgrounds, swift versions, swiftui lounge, temperature sensor, true depth, universal control, usb-c, visual voicemail, watch se, watchos 9, world series, xcode 14, xcode cloud

    This week we discuss all the products introduced at Apple's Far Out event on Sept 7, 2022. We fact check Compose Custom Layouts in SwiftUI, the checkmark in the Developer app, Friday Night Baseball in Canada, and Universal Control. We follow up on Apple's Self Repair now includes M1, and Xcode Cloud availability for trial. We discuss the past and future of the 360iDev conference. We discuss the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Ultra, Air Pods Pro 2nd gen, the iPhone 14, and the iPhone 14 Pro. We also discus What's New in Swift 5.7. Picks: WWDC22 SwiftUI Lounge archived, Cmd Opt R, Cmd Shift J, Swift Version, SwiftUI Essential Training, and Design the Next iPhone

  • Episode 349: WWDC22 - Regex for the Rest of Us

    June 11th, 2022  |  2 hrs 35 mins
    360 idev, alexander graham bell, app intents, applepay later, async await, awesome list, bnpl, boulder co, camo, carekit, carplay, chester, coda, codemobile uk, command builder, continuity, datascanner api, desktop class, deskview, dictation, digital lounge, domain specific language, dragon natural speaking, eddie cue, epic, family sharing, fido alliance, find replace, focus builder, geforce now, geolocation, geometry reader, gibson app, halide, healthkit, hig, ios 16, ios dev uk, jesse ventura, layout protocol, linda dong, live activities, live text, lock screen, look around, macbook air m2, macos ventura, magsafe, mapkit, maryland, navigationstack, nfc, package plugins, parascope, passkeys, paul hudson, pcalc, prescriptions, procreate, quicknote, regex, regex for the rest of us, room model, rsa, scankit, serenity caldwell, setapp, share sheets, shareplay, simple, sir adam beck, sirikit, slopes, stage manager, steve westgarth, swift playgrounds, swiftui, swiftui charts, touchbar, transit, twostraws, undo, usb charger, usb-c, vectonator, viewthatfits, wallet, watchos, widget kit, work focus, wwdc, xcode cloud

    This week we cover the WWDC 2022 Keynote and Platform State of the Union. We're joined by Friend of the Show Joe Cieplinski. We fact check Sir Adam Beck and Steve Westgarth. We discuss Awesome lists and a calculator on the Lock Screen. We get into the new HIG, WWDC Keynote, iOS 16, Apple Watch and watchOS 9, Mac hardware and M2, macOS Ventura, iPadOS 16, Platforms State of the Union, Xcode Cloud, Swift, SwiftUI, System Experience, MapKit, WeatherKit, Live Text API and Data Scanner API. Picks: WWDC Community links updated for 2022, return of the UK iOS conferences, iOS Dev UK and Codemobile UK, Hello Swift Charts

  • Episode 348: Pre-WWDC 2022

    May 28th, 2022  |  20 mins
    accessibility, app icon book, app uses non-exempt encryption, apple silicon, apple wallet, daniel jalkut, developer centre, dhl, driver’s license, ian zelbo, ios dev uk, iphone 14 pro, iphone rental, itsappusesnonexemptencryption, keynote screening, macos, maryland, micheal flarup, notch, paul hudson, platform state of the union, purple iphone, state object, steve westguard, stomping tom connors, sudbury saturday night, swift package manager, swift playgrounds, swiftui apps, swiftui series, the engineering leader, the hockey song, workarounds, wwdc 2022, xcode

    A quick catch up before WWDC 2022. This week Tim covers adding drivers licenses to Wallet, tour options for visitors going to the in-person screenings at WWDC22, the rumoured Purple iPhone 14 Pro. Picks: ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption - Encryption compliance tip for App Store submissions, Jaime Lopez on Building Great Engineering Teams, SwiftUI Sessions, Exploring SwiftUI Sample Apps, The iOS App Icon Book, and Swift Playgrounds 4.1 adds app creation on macOS.

  • Episode 347: if let mtjc

    April 23rd, 2022  |  1 hr 41 mins
    1password, a16, a4, academy award, accessibility, apple office hours, apple stock, await async, awesome swift, best picture, bitrise, bruce cockburn, core data, dell ultrasharp u2720q, delores clamen, designatednerd, display port, ellen shapiro, engineering leader, genesis, glow forge, hockey night in canada, hp-ux, if let, ios 15.4, ipad air, iphone upgrade program, jackson brown, james taylor, keynote, laugh, lg ultrafine 5k, lindsey buckingham, little feet, live, love, m2, mac studio, macbook air, macworld expo, marques brownlee, mchenry convention center, mini led, monday night football, moore’s law, n95, netflix, never go back again, objective-c, p3 color, pi day countdown, platform state of the union, portugal, primus, rich turton, rick beato, ryan reynolds, steely dan, steve hackett, steve jobs theater, steve westgate, stomping tom conners, studio display, sun workstation, swift fiddle, swiftui, taqueria los pericos, thunderbolt 4, tommy emanuel, tribute to kings, universal control, unnotification, voiceover, wwdc 2022

    This week we fact check Hockey Night in Canada, and compare the new iPad Air to the iPad Pro, review masked Face ID, and debate whether the Apple Studio Display is a good deal. Apple announces WWDC 2022 starting June 6. We share our opinions on the online version of WWDC. Apple is apparently testing nine M2 based Macs and may introduce a new MacBook Air at WWDC. Apple’s new A16 chip only included with higher-end iPhone 14 Pro models, base model iPhone 14 uses same chip as iPhone 13. Has the time come to rent iPhones? Apple finally lets ‘reader’ link to their own sites. 'if let' gets new syntax in Swift 5.6. Picks: RWDevCon 2017 Inspiration Talk: I’m an Idiot by Richard Turton, Remember when Apple built a Mac OS running on top of Solaris and HP-UX? Seriously. It happened, Cybersecurity and Skin Care, Improving Accessibility: VoiceOver, Swift Fiddle, Live, Laugh, Delete Derived Data, Awesome Swift, 40+ iOS 15.4 changes and features!