#36 - Special Opportunities

Episode 36 · April 27th, 2015 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

This week we discuss Apple's new fixation with lotteries, the latest being a lottery for developers to receive Apple Watches early. We discuss WatchAware.com that aggregates the approved Watch apps that are on the App Store before launch. We discuss Apple Watch band patents and differences in construction. We discuss the new Google Fi cellular service. Our picks this week are Growth.supply and CSUnplugged.

This weeks show was edited and mixed with Logic X. It appears that Final Cut Pro X cannot export a suitable MP3 file without corruption. Please excuse the choppy edits.

Episode 36 Notes:

Apple Patents Watch Bands
The First Apple Watch Apps
Apple Offers Expedited Apple Watch Ordering Lottery
Click - The First Watch Band Adapter for Apple Watch!
Calc - watch app
Apple Watch buyers guide
Google Fi Launches
Domain Name Ordering via it-guy.com

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