Best of MTJC: WWDC 2018 Reflections

Episode 327 · May 27th, 2021 · 2 hrs 13 mins

About this Episode

A re-roll of our 2nd most popular episode from June 9, 2018. We give our impressions of WWDC 2018 keynote. We discuss Apple's presenting the scholarship winner apps on the App Store. Microsoft's purchase of GitHub. Apple is getting into the ad game to compete with other online players. The rumored iPad with face recognition is coming. We talk about the deprecation of OpenGL and OpenCL. Finally by Rene Richie guides our discussion of the WWDC announcements. Bonus: JDB Live Near WWDC, Picks: UX Cake w/Jaime Lopez Jr, Machine Learning - Build a Model, App Store Review Guidelines Diff, Stevie the Snail, SpriteKit, PlayDead’s INSIDE

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