The Art of Compromise

Episode 313 · August 29th, 2020 · 1 hr 31 mins

About this Episode

We fact check on SwiftUI's Core Data template, Dr Thereasa Tam, and how Tim triggered Siri. In askMTJC Georg Tuparev opines on Operations and we discuss Attic App's developer account cancellation. The the follow up we cover Setapp for iOS, Lightroom iOS App Update Deleted User Photos, and Apple discounted the fee to connect to Amazon Prime on Apple TV. An AirPower prototype teardown and iPhone 12 rumor roundup is covered. SwiftUI betas - what changed before 1.0. SourMint: malicious code, ad fraud, and data leak in iOS. How We’re Preparing Businesses for the Impact of iOS 14. Picks: Bezier curves, WWDC Hyperwall 2010, HyperTable 2012, Apple is Better Without Jobs, marking workarounds as deprecated.

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