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Episode 284 Β· February 9th, 2020 Β· 1 hr 23 mins

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We follow up on the Xserve height, W-8BEN, and the Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. YouTube Music/Premium has 20 million paying subscribers. Microsoft Teams goes down after Microsoft forgot to renew a certificate. Beyond the Valley book. Apple updates with a proper mobile website for iOS and Android. (Hypothetical) Multitasking fix for iPadOS 14. Apple wants to standardize the format of SMS OTPs (one-time passcodes). - Introducing Swift Crypto. Dashlane's Super Bowl Ad Proves Password Managers Have Arrived. Apple adds ability for developers to sell Mac and iOS apps as a single purchase. Picks: Never roll your own crypto, and there's even less reason to do that now while using Swift!. I made a teaser video for my side project Timelane. swift-doc: Generates documentation for Swift projects. APNS now available (as sim) in simulators.

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