Math Porn

Episode 277 · December 7th, 2019 · 1 hr 27 mins

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This week Alexis Gallagher returns to geek out on iOS and math. Prompted by askMTJC from Mike Hendley we discuss using keyboards on the iPad and Macs. 7 Awesome Open Source SwiftUI Projects To Inspire You. Mini LED technology will be coming to MacBooks and iPads in the near future. Apple will release at least four new iPhones with 5G and OLED displays. Apple launches Apple Music and well as App and Games Awards. Do we care about new HomeKit integrations? It is now too late to order engraved AirPods Pro for Christmas. Does iOS 13 on iOS and tvOS support Nintendo Switch Pro controllers or not? Paul Hudson reviews the new MBP in terms of Swift compile times. Picks: How to free up space on your developer Mac, The Apollo Guidance Computer, 13 Minutes to the Moon, Ted Gioia’s best Music of 2018 - Apple Music playlist, GymBook, Oura, sleep-tracking Ring. After Show: Apple TV+ shows, Affinity Publisher, Spectre, Moleskin notes and Home Pod.

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