Even Cowdogs Get the Blues

Episode 261 · August 17th, 2019 · 1 hr 16 mins

About this Episode

We follow up on stopgap accessibility ramps, the 2nd top selling band in the US, CPAs, Clarus the Dogcow, meetings friends. colleagues and Fans of the Show at Swift Conference Toronto. We ask if Jaime has even tried a Canadian Caesar. We discuss Apple locking iPhone batteries, GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, Apple extends its bug bounty program to macOS and $1M. We talk in depth about the History of Clarus the Dogcow. Apple Wallet adds tap-to-use student ID, for food and dorm entry. The FAA bans recalled MacBook Pro 15s from flying. Apple provides special iPhone to security researchers. Also at Black Hat USA 2019, Face ID workarounds and Lightning cables give hackers access to Macs. Should you trademark your app name? Picks: Spicing Up Swift, CS principles in Swift, Combine 101, Combine Data Sources, Hacking Combine

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