Exploits, Recalls, Silent Updates, nil

Episode 256 · July 13th, 2019 · 1 hr 24 mins

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We follow up on Sir Jony Ive's early innovations; Power Mac G4 Cube, Twentieth Anniversary Mac and USB (Hockey Puck) Mouse. Tim rememberers CADisplayLink. We also follow up on Apple's Design and Development Accelerator in Shanghai, a new scissor switch keyboard is coming for the MacBook Pro, and 4 major reasons why the MacBook Pro's suck. Apple discontinues the 12-inch MacBook and bumps up the MacBook Air with TueTone and adds TouchBar to the entry level MacBook Pro 13. Apple also cut SSD prices in half. The birthplace of the Mac & iPhone Flint Centre is to be demolished. Apple pushes a silent update to the Zoom apps. We discuss the 2015 MacBook Pro Battery Recall Program. 7-Eleven Japan shut down its mobile payment app. Face ID and Touch ID might be used to sign onto iCloud in iOS 13 Beta. Apple to ditch FaceID with through-screen Touch ID? Swift Property Wrappers by NSHipster. We also reminisce about Objective-C collections. Picks: Stranger Things-inspired retro trip to Windows 1.11, Apple’s Texas Hold’em game returns to the iPhone, SF Symbols Reference, TikTok, nil.

SF Pro Rounded font from Apple.

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