Losing Face

Episode 232 · February 2nd, 2019 · 1 hr 20 mins

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We discuss NSNorth 2019 coming to Montreal in April and HBC doesn't accept Apple Pay yet. In our follow up we discuss Microsoft Office coming to the App Store. iOS 12.2 includes a number of new features, starting with "Hey Siri" for the Air Pod 2. The Apple News app will include support for magazine subscriptions in iOS 12.2. Apple is planning a gaming subscription services similar to Netflix. iOS 12.2 also will allow for the customization of ScreenTime's Downtime. Apple may also be working on a 7th generation iPod Touch and new iPads. Walt Mossberg opines on Apple's Q2 results as well as Mac sales. The first big story is around Facebook's Apple Enterprise Development certificate being revoked because of abuse of the terms of use. We discuss the reasons why APPL stock is up despite the weak guidance. We look at the 10-year Challenge of how popular apps have changed. iOS 12.2 also has another surprise as a mechanism for web share is also uncovered. The FaceTime Group Chat bug is discussed around how it seemingly took so long to report and also how bugs can be exploited. We discuss the three variants of "try" in Swift. Picks: Videos from iOS Conf Singapore 2019, A new way to create with iPad Pro videos and iPad Pro playlist.

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