Bananas & Lies

Episode 216 · October 13th, 2018 · 59 mins 56 secs

About this Episode

We answer our askMTJC from Paul Wilkinson about eSim support and Aussie Apple retail pricing. Tim discusses his Apollo XI T-shirt and Wikipedia's support drive. We follow up on Testflight public betas which inspire a new site, Google Plus is shutting down, Secrets & Lies, and Facebook Portal introduces new smart screens for the home. 3D Bananas are the new scale of processor performance. Another follow up on Saqib Shaikh as he appears on CBC's Spark. Luna Display is available for sale. We discuss iOS 12 and Core Data External Binary Data Storage, State of Developer Ecosystem, Apple vs the Big Hack, Aussie Day Light Savings Apple Watch bug, iOS 12.0.1 bug fixes, and Apple's overpriced repairs. Picks: The Apple II Source Code for the LOGO Language Found, CodeMobile Weekly Episode 2: A fireside chat with Jaime Lopez, Designing Websites for iPhone X, REPL Support for Swift Packages.

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