A New Way To Procrastinate - Bootleg - LIVE @360iDev 2017

Episode 157 · August 19th, 2017 · 1 hr 21 mins

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NB: we had no control over the recording process. The audio is not great. So we've decided to unpublished the episode. The episode will remain here on the web site for those who are interested.

We recorded LIVE at 360|iDev 2017 with Tammy Coron, Joe Cieplinski and Jean MacDonald. We discussed MacID in #askMTJC. We also followed up on Rubber Duck debugging and Chris Lattner's move to Google. New in 10.3 is a new certificate trust setting in iOS. We chat with the panel about highlights of the 360|iDev conference and the things coming from Apple: a new iPhone, Apple Watch LTE and Home Pod. Jean also illuminated App Camp for Girls and her new podcast SestraCast. Picks: Lavar Burton Reads,Toothfairy, Bartender, Red Hot Timer and Forest.

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